Players who finished as “running”

Futbolistas que acabaron como “currantes”

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The Ballon d'Or gala always leaves behind a lavish gala glamorous and great young players, handsome, celebrities and millionaires, some billionaires. For Christian, Messi and company life is otherwise, from another dimension. Lthe footballers who earn the most, handle unusual amounts, so gigantic that it seems that none of them will go hungry in the future, quite the opposite of the protagonists of this article.

But footballers from another era, where players earned a lot of money but not as much as today what added to poor academic training, situations caused real drama in some of them. However, they were not the only ones, some much more recent ones have been seen in this position. Have you been curious??, keep reading.

Footballers who ended up making a living as workers after leaving football

Juan Jose “Sandoka” I had to earn a living as “plumber”

Sandokán llegó a jugar en el Real Madrid como Bale o Cristiano pero su salario no era el mismo.
Sandokan came to play at Real Madrid as Bale or Cristiano but his salary was not the same.

We told you a while ago the story of Juan José Jiménez, el “Sandoka” of Spanish football (You can read it here). Former player Cádiz, triumphed touring bands of the Spanish fields and became signed by Real Madrid at the rate of 15 million pesetas for three years and eight over his transfer fee. It became international and was at the gates of going to the World 1982 and to the European Championship 1984.

After finishing at Real Madrid he returned to Cadiz where he retired in 1991. After killing football, I had to work in a shipyard doing the work of “plumber” building ships, as the protagonist himself because he had won in football did not give to live. At the interview, You recognizes not have saved the money he was earning during his active. He was performing the work until a hernia prevented and lives with a pension at Cádiz.

Sandokán pese a jugar en el Cádiz, Real Madrid y selección, tuvo que ganarse la vida en un astillero.
Sandokan despite playing in Cádiz, Real Madrid and selection, I had to earn a living in a shipyard.

Tato Abbey, coach and cheese seller equally

Tato Abadía fue un currante del fútbol durante muchos años.
Tato currante Abbey was a football for many years.

Tato Abbey was one of those hard workers football on the lawn and out of it when he retired. peleón football player and wrestler, He played in his Logroñés in two stages, Atletico Madrid and Compostela, always giving everything. Such was his character on the grass in a game with Compos in 1995, he scored the winning goal after holding rather seriously injured for much of the game.

With his bald head and distinctive mustache that made him look like a man 50 years despite having no 30 at that moment, is a player remembered among the generations who grew up watching the Spanish football 80 and 90's. As good currante, when he left the football coach pulled title where and also has a cheese Shop, located in one of the best streets in Logroño.

Tato Abadia entrena y posee una tienda de quesos
Tato Abbey, coach and cheese seller equally.

Enrique Saura's goal World 1982 the world tile

Enrique Saura was born in Onda, Castellón in 1954. He played his entire career in Valencia, playing in the rows of Castellón and Valencia. With this last, champion of the Copa del Rey was proclaimed, Supercopa and Recopa. International by Spain, played the World Cup 1982 where scored the goal that gave the pass to the Spanish team in that peculiar game against Yugoslavia played precisely in Valencia. To quit football, He got into the tile industry but as an entrepreneur, a sector that already knew because he had worked since childhood until triumphed in football.

Enrique Saura ocupó toda su carrera entre Castellón y Valencia.
Enrique Saura took his entire career between Castellon and Valencia.

Santi Idígoras strong at the 60

He “Viking” Idígoras during his time at Real Sociedad.

He “Viking” Idigoras It was one of those football currantes the chest journeyed through the fields of the Spanish League early late 70 y principios de los 80. With its peculiar aspect of mustache and blond hair, played for Real Sociedad, Mexico's Puebla, Valencia and Deportivo Alaves. It was International Olympic in Montreal Olympics 1976 and absolute international on one occasion. Once left football, He was devoted to fitness and working in the world of gyms.

Idigoras se mantiene joven a sus 60.

It is clear, now that football has little to do with before. Already we have in our article called “When the players could be your neighbors fifth”, where we talked about the currantes football and the metrosexual wealthy today. The times change, It is not known whether for better or worse, eso , It depends on the eye that looks and as always, THINK yourselves.

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