Las 5 great candidates for winning the World Cup of Russia 2018

Las 5 grandes candidatas a ganar el Mundial de Rusia 2018
Messi will fight to conquer the great title that he lacks (Foto: Brand)

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Whenever they lack least for the big football event of the year and the teams are shaping the final touches to arrive in the best conditions to Russia next World. Germany will defend the title against big teams, Come up with a list of 5 leading candidate to be the champion.


Surely the regular selection of recent years and a fixed practically all final rounds of both global and European Championships. The team led by Joachim Löw takes the innate competitive gene and coach direct his third finals (He was already in front of the German team in 2010 in which they were third and 2014 where they were champions). Well oiled machine and playing the same way and with the same base of players for a long time (Neuer, Hummels, Khedira, Kroos, Özil, Müller…) but with new talent out in force. Sin duda, one of the rivals to beat.

Tony Kroos will remain one of the leaders of Germany in the World Cup (Foto: The False 9)


The selection directed by Julen Lopetegui comes very strong and the finals is one of the main favorites. With two very demanding friendly against Germany at home (1-1) and against Argentina at the Metropolitan Wanda (6-1), 'The Red’ He has emerged greatly strengthened. After embroider football 2008, 2010 y 2012, He came the failure 2014. However it seems that the new Spanish stars (Isco, Thiago, Asensio or own De Gea) with veterans (Ramos, Pique, Iniesta) They are a formidable team.

Andres Iniesta will continue distilling quality in the next World Cup (Foto: La Verdad)


One of the selections that comes with more hope Russia is the French national team. With Griezmann in stellar plan and a very strong foundation already established players like Pogba, Lories, Giroud or Umtiti and new stars like Mbappé, Lemar, Conan or Dembelé are a very dangerous team. Certainly are a selection over future but can beat anyone without a doubt.

Griezmann comes at the best moment of his career to fight for everything with your selection (Foto: Fox Sports)


How it not is going to be in the ointment favorite selection featuring the best player in the world? Messi arrives at one of the best moments of his career so (although this is difficult because it maintains an incredible level almost always) and it is virtually facing his last chance to lift the huge title missing and she craves. The rest of the team gives the feeling of being a group of large figures but is far from being a team. And if that was not enough, in the friendly against Spain, another candidate, They were carried corrective hard 6-1. But a lot of work to Sampaoli, sin duda, If Messi gets in stellar plan, You can earn virtually alone.

The best player in the world before which may be your last chance to win a World (Foto: People's daily)


And if it is impossible to be left out corsage favorites to Argentina, so it is left out to Brazil. the five-time champion, which it has been present in all world who have played, He had a bitter world 2014 where they were hosts. Neymar, Dani Alves, Marcelo, William, Gabriel Jesus, Coutinho… one by one are jugadorazos day and if they can be unstoppable. Much more experienced team than participated in 2014 hence, in theory, much more competitive.

Neymar lead to 'canarinha’ in Russia (Foto: Líbero)

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