The great economic differences between the Champions and Europa League

Las grandes diferencias económicas entre la Champions y la Europa League
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Last update 17 March, 2016 by Alberto Llopis

The Champions League is the big prize in European football and so is clearly in world football. This is certainly the highest in the world team competition which brings together the best players in the world. by organization, relevance, level and as, by the thousands of millions of euros that moves, Champions is the candy that every team wants to taste.

However, the europa league, the second European competition remains discreetly in the background although also have much equipment level. But the economic prize is far from the continental showpiece. We tell the great economic differences between the Champions and Europa League after UEFA decided to increase the income of both competitions for the period 2015-18.

Champions League: 1257 million who call themselves soon, distributes the Champions League. A galactic almost dizzying amount that is distributed in this way. Performance in the group phase: 12 .Prima million per win / tie: 1,5/0,5 millions. Round of 16: 5,5 millions. Quarter finals: 6 millions. Semifinals: 7 millions. Champion / runner: 15/10,5 millions. A club, in the best case, you may receive 54,5 million euros not counting the playoffs.

Europa League: 380 million euros leaves the Europa League spread this way. Performance in the group phase: 2,4 millions of euros. Premium Win / Draw: 0,36/0,12 millions. Round of 32: 0,5 millions . Round of 16: 0,75 millions. Quarter finals: 1 million. Semifinals: 1,5 millions. Champion / runner: 6,5/3,5 millions. Therefore, in the best club could receive 15,31 millions, a difference of nearly 40 million euros with her older sister. Yes indeed, the champion of the Europa League enters directly into the Champions League so it can almost say that this is the jackpot for the second tournament.

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