The new Champions League, another attempt to kill the other football

The new Champions League, another attempt to kill the other football
New Champions, another attack to kill the other big foreign football. PHOTO:

During these days there are few news talk the new Champions League the big European clubs want to create and promote to replace the current. This new format, it would be for 2024 as have, It would be a stab for the other football, the football clubs competing daily in their domestic hoping to grow and get to play in European tournaments competitions.

Driven format 16 clubs, that would create a system in which these clubs excluding the cake between them would be spread to many other great, medium and small equipment like your idea. In this new Champions League barbarities as we would be played on Saturdays and Sundays, relegating national tournaments such as Laliga on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, schedule where the current Champions is played.

Real Madrid and Barca would place fixed by decree in all editions

Precisely the two 'big’ of Spain are the top drivers of this new Champions Leagueas both clubs have a fixed place in the competition no matter what happened in the League also, reduce its equipment 20 a 16 to reconcile the parties of this new tournament, another brilliant idea of ​​some of these 'gurus’ which they have turned sentiment football in a marketing business without any heart.

The new Champions League, another blow to football people

There is no doubt that this format, elite and closed, and greatly affect football clubs across Europe, centenarians in many cases, they would see as their income level and would be greatly affected by this new Champions League only count on 16 equipmentand to which, They could never access. Not to mention the members of these teams would be affected.

Certainly an idea that will talk and if it goes ahead, will change and not for good the world of European football. And it is that these people should not forget that there are more football teams and beyond that they want to sell to the big time.


Alberto Llopis

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