The football world on a t-shirt

El mundo futbolístico en una camiseta
Football shirts are an important part of the footballing world.

Last update 20 March, 2019 by Alberto Llopis

The "beautiful game" has millions of followers, It is talking about 270 millions of people around the world who are involved with this discipline sporty that moves and excites the masses.

From the distant year of 1930, when the first World Cup was held, which included just 13 countries, It is one of the sports that captures the sympathy of adolescents, niños, girls, men and women, because it is not limited to any condition, raza creed. Anyone, just wear a shirt, It delves into the wonderful world of emotions, which are exacerbated when approaching an international competition.

The excitement of playing with a favorite team shirt

When yearns dress cheap soccer jerseys to dream of being in a large field to the rhythm of the beatings that move the football, the best options are here. No need to play at Barca or Real Madrid, your place team or group of friends, They can play with the best teams shirts, with the best quality and the best price in the market.

To show off in any position, They offer the best options with an excellent quality / price. The excitement of the most popular sport worldwide, since it was created in England in 1863, it is immersed through these cheap football shirts.

Select a replica without logo

And tissue the high quality of textile garment worn by big teams, It is available on these equipaciones, which can be purchased for personal use or for your team, for which offer special prices. Among its varied stock, highlight these options, within which some do not contain logo, or brand:

  • Shirt and pants with design inspired Inter Milan year 2019.
  • Pants and shirt with pink design inspired Manchester United 2019.
  • Pants and shirt inspired Liverpool 2019.
  • Equipacion with similar design to B. Dortmund 2019.
  • Pants and shirt set similar design to Spanish.
  • Equipacion with similar design to B. Munich 2019.
  • Shirt and trousers like Argentina visitor 2019.
  • similar to the Belgium team kit 2019.

All kits and sets are available at a click, and ships through a company transport responsible.

A little history of t

Playing with a shirt and feel the Argentinian star Barca, the dorsal 10 as usually it occurs in the grass, It is not impossible. Remember distant times when the shirts did not show the player's name, and they sported a fixed number, to cause certain nostalgia.

En sus comienzos, when it began to popularize football, players wore absolutely nothing on their shirts, in some cases they wore an embroidered with the club crest that belonged.

In the United States was the first time a team identified each of the players with a dorsal. Fue en el año 1924 and the team that debuted in these conflicts was the Fall River Marksmen, in facing the legendary National Challenge Cup.

Even though Arsenal became the first team that used this practice as usual in all their matches, according to a proposal Herbert Chapman, su entrenador, in a match of this league. Many English teams immediately joined this idea, like Chelsea and Wednesday. As a curious note, in some games a team enumerating the 1 al 11 and otherwise he is enumerating the 12 al 22.

In the classical or traditional soccer, each team player dressed a shirt that contained only a designated number of 1 al 11, and nothing more. It is noteworthy that in many other sporting activities even bore shield.

In today's football, shirts not only They carry fixed dorsal assigned to each player and their corresponding shield, also hold the name, in many cases the nickname, of the footballer. A sports brand with your logo, some kind of sponsorship or advertising, shields or logos of the institutions organizing the meeting and, sometimes, to stars or shields representing the titles won by the team.

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