The world's ugliest shirt triumphs in England, and is a Spanish team

The world's ugliest shirt triumphs in England, and is a Spanish team
Shirt Prawns Loja expands internationally. Photo: Sport

As if Antonio Recio, the well-known character in the series 'The looming', wholesale profession of selling fish were, the equipments of Loja CD, Grenadian team Third Division, They are promoted by a wholesale seafood. The three shirts for this campaign, blanca, pink and black, They have lead silkscreened prawns. The issue is that the shirt was exposed in a contest for the ugliest shirts in the world in England and has succeeded to become a bestseller.

According to the newspaper 'ABC', the elastic of Loja was included in an exhibition on the ugliest shirts in the world, It said soon, organized by the National Football Museum in Manchester. But what has generated has been a media effect. La marca ‘Classic Football Shirts’, It sells elastic thousand units commissioned football club Third, that before the sales success and are preparing a second commission.

Douglas Bierton, company executive shirts, explained that “It's not often we are surprised and fascinated both by a football jersey. Make 12 years we are in this business and have never seen this style shirt, we think that many people will want one in your collection”. Definitely a commercial to a set of Third that has become known far from the borders of Spain push.

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