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The Greek Federation takes drastic measures to Cup final

The Greek Federation takes drastic measures to Cup final
Fernández Borbalán will be in charge of refereeing the Greek Cup final (Photo: Getty)

It is not unusual for a foreign referee is in charge of refereeing a league match or another country Cup. But nevertheless, to the problems in Greek football in recent times, Federation of that country decided to adopt this decision.

Almeria David Fernández Borbalán will be the main referee in the final to face PAOK and AEK, a duel of maximum rivalry. It was precisely in the league match that both teams played when the president of the local assembly, John Savvidi, He bursts onto the pitch with a pistol in his belt, something that caused the suspension of the party.

Fernández Borbalán will be assisted and accompanied by Raúl Cabañero Martínez, José Manuel Matías Caballero, Jesús Gil Manzano and Carlos del Cerro Grande, all Spanish. Hopefully everything elapses normally and not have to relive pitiful scenes like that are coming from the Greek football lately.

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