Third team just playing with dorsal painted T-shirts with pen

Third team just playing with dorsal painted T-shirts with pen
Cacereño had to play his match with white shirts with handwritten dorsal. Photo: Twitter

Parece una broma y es bastante surrealista pero lo cierto es que ocurrió este domingo durante el encuentro entre Jerez y Cacereño, en el Grupo 14 Third Division. And is that at the beginning of the match, the arbitrator appointed for the contest did not authorize the Cacereno, visiting team, to play with any of the two official shirts that led to dispute the meeting.

El equipo de Tercera que acabó pintando los dorsales con un boli

He Jerez llevaba la camiseta verde y negra, like the first kit of Caceres. The second T-shirt was black visitors, but the referee did not want to give the nod, so it ended up taking such an original idea as laughable. The visiting team put on a simple white shirt with the numbers painted pen. Cacereño, with his homespun shirt and hand painted bibs, He came from behind 1-0 and won 1-3 al final. Leaving a curious anecdote that may count on his nights of laughter among friends.

The box Caceres explained in his Twitter on why they had to play with homespun shirts with the numbers painted pen.

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