3.000 `Orelluts' move to Valencia to encourage a CD Castellón Third Party

3.000 `orelluts´ se desplazan a Valencia para animar al CD Castellón en un partido de Tercera
The fans of Castellón celebrates the equalizer with his team.

Last update 11 March, 2018 por Javi Argudo

CD Castellón is a historic Spanish football team. Not in vain, `orellut' assembly has militated 11 First seasons. Sin embargo, Today it is sunk in Third Division, the fourth category according to importance of football in Spain. A pesar de todo, albinegra hobby is one of the most faithful of the country and as evidence what happened this morning.

More of 3.000 Fans have traveled from the capital of La Plana to witness the match that his team played in the Ciutat de Valencia against Atletico Levante (subsidiary Levante). Desde luego, the party deserved. Granota CD Castellón subsidiary and were leading the Group VI Third Division 62 points, so today's result decided the lead.

Albinegros fans do not get tired of breaking records this season. To the 11.000 partners who have acquired the license this year, figure that some teams do not reach First Division, we must add this massive displacement rarely be repeated on a Third.

The match, which it was played at the Ciutat de Valencia to accommodate all fans Castellón and Levante, It ended with a tie (1-1) so both teams will continue to share leadership although albinegros have a match unless your opponent. In the stands they have also been players in the first team granota, yesterday won in Getafe, as well as their new coach Paco Lopez, that until a week ago was the coach of Atletico Levante.

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