Otamendi, valencianista idol of demon

Otamendi, de ídolo valencianista a demonio

Last update 6 April, 2024 por Alberto Llopis

Nico Otamendi has gone from being the leader of Valencia CF to almost persona non grata at Mestalla. His statements confirming that he wants to leave the Valencian team and recognizing that any word from his representative is obviously with his consent, They have made the Mestalla fans orphaned of heroes for years but also easy to get attached, has passed sentence. Otamendi from idol to demon.

The truth is that in the world of football in which we live it should not be surprising at all that a player who has had an excellent season draws the attention of clubs with a higher economic potential and that the current player, due to the siren song of your representatives lose their minds to leave. The football feeling died a long time ago. However, it hurts many fans that the player they take as a reference comes out, but also that there are ways to go out and the Argentine's does not seem to be or will be the best..

Knowing himself to be an idol of the Valencian fans who perhaps got carried away by certain sectors of the Valencian press very accustomed to exalting certain things., The Argentine defender has had very little tact. Neither he nor his representative have been at all elegant with their forms, putting pressure on and putting pressure on the Mestalla club.. Something that is not sitting well with the fans at all..

Some diaries, repeat offenders with this topic, they decided to nickname the player as the general, until making his goal celebration almost an icon. We are almost going to play the Argentine who has only been in Valencia for a year, the new shield bat. Knowing what modern football is like, things had to end badly.. Surely the player will come out and also, He will do it like many others who left through the back door and as we said before, There are shapes and forms and that of Otamendi, It's possibly the worst way to do it.. Another Mestalla idol that burns like a fault.

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