Third playing in the Industrial Jerez to assert 16 millions of euros

Third playing in the Industrial Jerez to assert 16 millions of euros
Sam Clucas, from Jerez Industrial to the Premier. Photo: 90min

Professional football leaves us many exciting stories but English football, is usually a good place to find these stories. Examples such as Vardy, Charlie Austin y Conor Washington, where the former combined football with a job in a factory, the second as a construction worker and the third as a postman, show that dreams can not always be met without suffering and work hard. Another case is that of Sam Clucas, quien en 2011 He played in the Spanish ranks third in Jerez Industrial. In 2017 Swansea he paid 16 millions for him.

English footballer playing at lower levels of English football while working as a waiter 6 pounds per hour according to the newspaper 'Marca'. In a last attempt to reach the elite, he went to southern Spain where former coach English, Glen Hoddle, It has an academy in Andalucia. Industrial Jerez was in a delicate economic situation and the Andalusian club decided to sign an agreement with Hoddle Academy.

A) Yes, during the season 2010-11, Jerez Industrial players had more English than Spanish and one of them was Sam Clucas. Few or no one expected this young English go so far. After passing a year by the Spanish Third, Clucas returned to England and began a career that took him to Hull City, through the mythical Hereford Utd, up to the Premier, payment of 16 millions, and to mark two goals to teams like Arsenal. Definitely a good football history.

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