Postman to forward at Euro 2016

De cartero a delantero en la Eurocopa 2016

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A while ago you talked about five players in history but surely, we should have also included the story of Conor Washington, Player Northern Ireland at Euro 2016. A player with a very curious case because born in England, She debuted in professional football in Wales and is the son of a Scottish. Let I could have played with England, Wales and Scotland but chose Northern Ireland, the nationality of her grandmother despite not having been almost no vacation for those lands.

However, despite being the world's British uncle watching her family album, This circumstance is not the strangest thing in its history, no. When the previous European Championship held in Poland and Ukraine, the good Conor Washington was a footballer in his free time and postman profession. While Spain won the European Championship 2012 and hundreds of professional footballers parading through that Euro, Conor Washington was a young man who spent his mornings to deliver local mail in Cambridgeshire and played as an amateur in St Ives Town in.

Conor Washington con la camiseta del Peterborough. Foto:
Conor Washington's shirt Peterborough. Photo:

Parcel delivery combined his bike with training and practically be involved in an event like Euro, and T-shirt Northern Ireland, It seemed an almost chimerical history. Nor probably she was going through her head. “Packages and mail carried by bicycle. It was very hard in winter, when everything was frozen. I was scared! I earned my living as a postman and played football at the same time. It was crazy but he enjoyed” He commented in a recent interview now Northern Ireland striker.

His career did not have much history to winter 2016. Until then I had only played at Welsh minnows and fourth division of England but his luck, like a movie sport and overcoming we have seen a few, change. QPR English Championship, second category of English football, He noticed him after selling his star Charles Austin who took towards the Premier. Until then I had not tasted professional football.

Conor Washington el día de su presentación como jugador del QPR. Foto:
Conor Washington the day of his presentation as QPR player. Photo:

In 6 months has seen it all. Pro debut, his first goals, good performances, international debut and participation in a European Championship as a set for coach Michael O'Neill, which will headline placed ahead of players with more weight in the selection norirlandesa. Definitely, very similar to another story those players with a history participating in Euro 2016, English Jamie Vardy.

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