Will Grigg’s On Fire” the feeling of Euro but you know who?

“Will Grigg’s On Fire” the feeling of Euro but you know who?

Will Grigg’s On Fire” It has already become the sensation of Euro 2016 and it is poised to be a viral phenomenon but maybe by now you wonder what is this?. Well if you have not read anything or have heard of “Will Grigg’s On Fire”, we put you in history. Will Griggs is a football player, we can understand, selection of Northern Ireland. Man has not scratched or ball across Euro 2016 yet his name is on everyone's lips Why?, por esto.

Things internet and social networks, this man, Sean Kennedy for more signs, He decided to dedicate a song to his idol, Will Griggs, Wigan striker and star of the team for three seasons went on to win the FA Cup but now plays for third division of English football. Su curiosa adaptación de varias conocidas canciones al ritmo deWill Grigg’s On Fire” It has become a viral phenomenon.

It has already been heard in the stands of the Euro 2016, especially in matches of the English fans and his name run by social networks like wildfire. Will Griggs that all this has done so discreet Euro has only traveled to France to warm bench, It has passed into history of this European Championship 2016 involuntarily and without stepping on the pitch. PeroWill Grigg’s On Fire” He promises to continue giving much war.

To all this, Wigan owner, He decided to reward the ingenuity of this fan club and has given him the payment of the next season . “Invent the best song ever known to man, You've earned a free subscription for next season. Will Grigg’s on fire!” tweeted the leader. A successful because certainly these peculiar things about the network at this stage of XXI century.

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