The best British and Irish players in League history

The best British and Irish players in League history
Gary Lineker (England) juice 103 matches with Barcelona and scored 42 goals with the Barça shirt. PHOTO:

¿Who are the best British and Irish players in the history of the Spanish League? Players from the UK (Welsh, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland) and those of the Republic of Ireland (located to the south of the island of ireland and which does not belong to the group of british countries), normally they have not felt comfortable leaving their natural habitat. But nevertheless, Some quality players have passed through the League who have performed well in the Spanish championship. We remember some of them.

The best British players in League history

Gareth Bale (Gales): Despite all the controversy that has arisen in the 7 years he has been at Real Madrid, Welsh is undoubtedly one of the best British players in League history. With 169 parties and 80 goals, It has been key in the victory of Real Madrid in different titles scoring in finals such as the Copa del Rey de 2014 and in the Champions of that same year and in the 2017 where he scored two goals for Liverpool. He left Real Madrid in 2022 and announced his retirement in 2023, right after the World Cup in Qatar 2022. His passing out of the field, it's another story.

best British players in League history
Gareth Bale genius and figure until his retirement. for everything in general. PHOTO:

David Beckham (England):Becks has been one of the most media players in football history, something that increased even more when he joined Real Madrid de los Galacticos de Florentino Pérez in 2003. He remained in the white club until 2007 winning the League with Fabio Capello on the bench in his last year. Juice 159 official matches with Real Madrid in all competitions scoring 20 goals and dishing 52 assists. One of the best English players in history.

Steve McManaman (England): juice 152 official matches with Real Madrid where he became the player 12 during the 4 seasons that was in the white box between 1999 Y 2003.

Vinny Samways (England): the tough British player came to Las Palmas in 1996 and he went in 2003 playing in the League both First and Second with the Canarian club becoming one of the classics for fans of Gran Canaria. Very British footballer, strong and powerful.

the best British players in League history
Vinny Samways, a classic from Las Palmas. PHOTO: Brand

Michael Owen (England): arrived as a Ballon d'Or at Real Madrid and only stayed one season at the white club. Although his numbers in the Bernabéu box were not bad. 45 official parties and 16 goals (13 of them in La Liga).

Dalian Atkinson (England): played a season at Real Sociedad in which he scored 12 goals in 30 matches in the box that back then, I played in Atocha. But it was not a year for the San Sebastian team and it was transferred the summer after his arrival. In 2016, Dalian Atkinson died after being shot with a taser by the police in the English town where he lived.

best British players in League history
Dalian Atkinson in his time as a Real player. Died in 2016 in an incident with the local police. PHOTO: The world

Kevin Richardson (England): arrived the same year as Atkinson and they practically left at the same time. Together with the Irish Aldrige they formed the triplet of foreign players of that Real Sociedad 1990-91. Juice 42 League matches between, Cup and UEFA Cup, but despite playing almost everything, was transferred along with his compatriot.

The best Irish players who have passed through the Spanish League

John Aldridge: txuriurdin idol, played two years at Real Sociedad (1989-1991) in which he scored 40 goals in 75 matches. He delighted the fans who filled the old Atocha with goals. Recognizable for being one of those Players with a mustache late 80 and early 90, is fondly remembered by realistic fans.

Ian Harte: a gold left-hander who made a career for Leeds until he decided to change the Premier for the League to wear the Levante shirt after his promotion in 2004. In the first game of that season 2004-05, scored in Anoeta from a direct free kick the first granota goal in First after 41 years without playing in the elite. In the 2005-06 his left-handed glove was essential with 9 goals from set pieces for Levante's return to Primera just one year after releasing. In the 2006-07, injuries slowed the Irish side who left the League after 3 years in Valencia.

British and Irish players in the League
Ian Harte in action with Levante UD this season 2004-05. PHOTO:

In case of Michael Robinson it's something peculiar and special. Popular Leicester-born commentator, England and therefore British by birth, went international with Ireland even in 14 occasions. In the league, before his television facet, thrashed with the Osasuna shirt. let us in 2020.

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