The best English players ever

The best English players ever
Who are the best English players ever? PHOTO: Google

Who are the best English players ever? England, the country where football was born and many other sports. The country of one of the best leagues in the world, where more and better lives aroma football fans. England, the country did not play a World Cup to 1950 believing themselves the inventors, That's right, of the game, It has always been known to breathe football on all four sides. However, its history leaves us just a World achieved at home 1966 and some other major semifinal in World Cups or European Championships.

Pero no por ello, should menosvalorarla. Más bien todo lo contrario, by way tribute, We review those that have been the best English players ever a nuestro juicio:

Bobby Charlton: the survivor of the air disaster 1958 tops the list of best English player in history. Muy rápido, very intuitive vision and excellent position coming from the front or end, rarely in the British Isles it has seen anything like what was this phenomenon that contributed greatly to United recover a sunken club and make champion European Cup 1968 and to win three European Cups. Top scorer with England 49 goals in 106 meetings, He played four world throughout his career, winner coming in of 1966, which also scored three.

Nobby Stiles could be perfectly in this list 10 top.
Nobby Stiles, image with Best and Charlton, I could be perfectly in this list 10 top.

Gordon Banks: hasp World Cup 66. If England do not usually have good goalkeepers, Banks is the exception. His agility, his quick reflexes made him a cat under the posts. Insurance Up, It has the honor of being the man who made the stop of the century in the now famous Pele header arrested. 73 caps, their 15 years in goal marked a before and after in England.

Bobby Moore: considered by many one of the best central defenders in history. With a statue in the Wembley, indicating his greatness, Moore knew get the ball under control, Institutionalized cut inconsistent with the elegance of a fine stylist and be hard when touched. Central perfection made.

Stanley Matthews: almost everyone knew what he would do, but almost no one could stop it. It was Murphy's Law Football. If you can do it and it will fall. And indeed, so it happened. . Control film, great dribbling ability and fast as lightning. It was also a smart player, I knew how to pass the ball not in vain was considered one of the best in the world centradores. That was Stanley Matthews, the man who played until the 50 years and managed to win the first Ballon d'Or history 1956.

David Beckham: hated by many, Beckham has been important in world football and no little. For a start, It has been one of the players who has earned more money this sport, partly because he knew him to do business. Beyond there, we find one of the best pitchers of lack of history and with a sublime touch player. Three World Cups under his belt, He won everything they could and more with United before moving to Real Madrid where he also caught on a good performance. Only a few smudges as clamorous failures in important moments tarnish a dream life.

Beckham, one of the best English jugadres history
Beckham's ruling in the penalty still is remembered. PHOTO: BRAND

Gary Lineker: “Football is a simple game: 22 men run after a ball during 90 minutes and, al final, the Germans always win”. The most famous phrase of football history belongs to this Englishman that mid 80 wreaked havoc on the opposing goals, both in England and in Spain. Lineker is one of the few players who has ever seen a yellow card. A real gentleman of football.

Wayne Rooney: force, power, technique, game viewing, defensive work. Rooney is not a normal forward, It is more than that. It's the perfect player, the guy that every coach would like to have. He has won Premiers, a Champions, a Club World Cup. We are talking about a huge forward trajectory since his early years at Everton highlighted. Possibly, the most complete striker in the history of English football.

Alan Shearer: 402 goals in 17 active seasons give an idea of ​​how was this master of goal. A murderer area as soon as finished off a one-touch invent a solo run, always between the eyes with the goal in a single thought. He lacked wear the shirt of a large, but still the top scorer in the history of the Premier.

Frank Lampard: Besides being a symbol of Chelsea, In addition to having been a player of enormous arrival and physical display, in addition to his time as player an excellent sense of the game change, He became the fourth top scorer in the history of the Premier and the third player with the most appearances in the English league.. What more could you?

John Barnes: Kingston Jamaica and to be exact but everyone remembers doing pranks with England at the World Cup 1986. A bullet in the left end, He went from being a man band to an imaginative midfielder as he was losing speed over the years. he gave equal, always stood, especialmente, Liverpool, club where he won quite a few titles and which eventually became an idol.

The best English players ever
John Barnes was a left end with a blistering pace. PHOTO: Google

Other of the best English players in history

Paul Gascoine, Matt Le Tissier, Paul Scholes, David Seaman, Peter Shilton, Paul Ince, Bobby Robson, Michael Owen, Kevin Keegan, John Terry, Robbie Fowler, Steve Gerrard, Teddy Sheringham, Jamie Carragher, Harry Kane

British but not English players

Busby, Best, Bale, Giggs, Ferguson, Roy Keane

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