The history of the derby Valencia

El historial del derbi de Valencia
Valencia derby increasingly more weight.

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Which is the history of the derby Valencia? The Lift-Valencia and back are beginning to brown, especially because of the very great progression of granotas that have been consolidated in the First Division in the XXI century, especially in the second decade of this century where it has not only been present in 9 de las 10 First Division last league but has been growing coinciding with numerous problems valencianistas.

A derby that becomes more and more a derby

Until today, Levante and Valencia have met 24 Sometimes in the First Division with a record anything uneven given the history of both clubs. 11 wins for Valencia, 6 draws and 7 wins for Levante. The vast majority of them between 2012 y 2019 where the Levante won 5 derbies in Valencia. This makes no doubt that this will derby gaining weight, anecdotes, batallitas and a healthy rivalry but increasingly tangent especially in the younger generations who did not live to that Levante in Second B and II.

Even in level of subscribers they have cut the distances reaching Lift 23.000 paid, near its capacity cap. However, as it is obvious, despite its problems in recent 15 years and a slump because of them, el Valencia remains one of the largest in Spain for its history, career and titles, but that does not detract from the enormous growth of the Levant. Valencia and deserved a game of this type.

Valencia derby history

Season 63/64-Levante 1-Valencia 0 and Valencia 5-Levante 3
Season 64/65 Lift-2-Valencia 1
Season 2004/05- Valencia 2-Levante 1 and Levante 0-Valencia 0
Season 2006 / 07- Valencia 3-Levante 0 and Levante 4-Valencia 2
Season 2007/08- Valencia 0-Levante 0 and Levante 1-Valencia 5
Season 2010/11-Levante 0 Valencia 1 and Valencia 0-Levante 0
Season 2011/12-Levante 0 Valencia 2 and Valencia 1-Levante 1
Season 2012/13-Levante 1-Valencia 0 and Valencia 2-Levante 2
Season 2013/14 2-Valencia-Levante 0 Lift and 2-Valencia 0
Season 2014/15-Lift 2-Valencia 1 and Valencia 3-Levante 0
Season 2015/16 Valencia 3-Levante 0 and Levante 1-Valencia 0
Season 2017-18 Levante 1-Valencia 1 and Valencia 3-Levante 1
Season 2018-19 Lift 2-Valencia 2 and Valencia 3-Levante 1


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