TOP 10 most expensive summer transfer 2016

TOP 10 de traspasos más caros del verano 2016

Last update 5 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

The excitement in football often beyond the limits of the field, It goes beyond the bleachers and around the stadiums. That excitement is concentrated in the offices and offices, in which, the time has come, operations and transfers of players from some other clubs close that often leave us speechless. In recent years we are witnessing signings whose cuantían economic soar, but this year has been really generous this fact. Thus, we wanted to make a list of the TOP 10 most expensive summer transfer 2016:

1. Paul Pogba

The average French center has been the clear protagonist during the last two months. Object of desire of several teams, entre ellos el Real Madrid, He has finally come ashore at Manchester United by 104 millions of euros.

2. Gonzalo Higuain

After the sale of Pogba, Juventus has been done with the front of Naples, and top scorer last season Calcio, by 90 millions of euros.

3. Hulk

His transfer has been less sounded, perhaps not have happened between big name clubs, but much economic power. The Brazilian has left the Russian Zenit to anchor in Shanghai PGIS by 55,8 millions of euros.

4. Stones

With its recent move to Manchester City, John Stones has had the privilege of becoming the most expensive defender in history, while a big box left Everton: 55,8 millions of euros.

5. Sane

Leroy Sane has joined the project Pep Guardiola, and figure excited and much. El Man, City had to pay a total of 50 Schalke million euros 04 by taking the services of German end.

6. Jaca

It is well known the taste of Arsene Wenger for players who excel in the midfield. This time the Belgian has been chosen for which they had to pay 45 million euros to bring from Borussia Monchengladbach to Arsenal.

7. Mkhitaryan

Mourinho had no doubts, in his new Manchester United had to strengthen the midfield, and one of the men destined for this was the Armenian who has stopped Borussia Dortmund 42 millions of euros.

8. Mane

Senegalese last season in Southampton has not gone unnoticed, and Liverpool striker achieved incorporate their ranks by 41,2 millions of euros.

9. Mustafi

The controversy has been the constant in signing Mustafi. Valencia did not want to get rid of one of the best central Europe, but Arsenal could finally convince the leaders valencianistas and take into German by 41 millions of euros.

10. David Luiz

Brazil closes this list after returning to Chelsea, from PSG, in exchange of 40,4 millions of euros. Thus, the center of the "Seleção" returns to the club that put him in the spotlight as a major player on the continent.

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