The teams that have better sold in summer

Los equipos que mejor han vendido en verano
Hiroshi Kiyotake with Monchi upon arrival in Seville.

Last update 8 September, 2016 by Alberto Llopis

What are the teams that have better sold in summer? The transfer markets leave a multitude of passes and transfers every year but the balance between sales and purchases in all teams, not usually favorable. However, If there are clubs that are able to balance their accounts, and also make a profit, forming a template similar level to which they have almost sold. According to the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES), These are the clubs that have sold best in summer 2016.

Sevilla: the Seville club is the most profitable of all. Despite having changed practically a template 70 %, It has achieved a profit between transfers and purchases 34,9 millions of euros. Another year of success for Monchi that seems to make the loaves into fishes.

Crystal Palace: the English club has achieved a surplus of 30,9 millions of euros. Somewhat complicated in the Premier where millions euros fly back and forth as if they were the Monopoli.

Naples: the Italian team got a profit of 21,7 millions of euros. Although they spent much, thanks to Higuain for sale 94 million euros to Juventus, the balance goes positive.

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