The “financial fair play”, true or false?

The “financial fair play”, true or false?
Does the financial Fair Play really work?? PHOTO:

What is financial fair play in soccer teams? Does it really exist or is it a myth?, Why for some teams yes and for others no? As measured? These are some questions that we want to clarify in this article.

What is financial fair play in soccer teams?

It should be remembered that not many years ago UEFA had the brilliant idea to put an end to the uncontrolled spending of the clubs and carried out this project of economic fair play that came into force in the year 2011 . But, What is it?, what does it consist of? It is actually carried out or is a toast to the sun new European body?

basically, the "financial fair play”Is the rule that obliges clubs not to spend more on players than what they earn through box office income, transmission rights, sponsorships and marketing. The aim is to prevent wealthy presidents (there are cases of PSG, City o Chelsea) distort competition with market signings coming off a failed money through the football industry.

Technically speaking the system is based on three basic pillars that must be met:

1- Clubs qualified for UEFA competitions contest must demonstrate that they have no outstanding debts with other clubs, with his players or with tax authorities. If they do not, They are subject to a monetary fine, they are punished for sports or are removed from European competitions.

2- Clubs can spend up to five million euros more than their income for a period of assessment (three years). However may exceed this level up to a certain limit as long as it is covered by a contribution / owner direct payment(s) club or a related party. To promote investment in stadiums, training camps and youth development, All these expenses are excluded from the calculation of breakeven.

3- Within the financial fair play regulations clubs are required to disclose information about ownership arrangements by others and any benefit from these agreements becomes effective when the player is sold. UEFA has asked FIFA to ban this worldwide.

But as often happens in these cases not all are equal before the law and the law is perfect. Without going further, we have seen clubs that have spent in Spain more than they have entered and therefore have faced more than one problem with this issue.

Done the law done the snare

The "financial fair play”Still has important gaps and great challenges to be measured: How is it possible that teams in real economic failures can spend hundreds of millions of euros? Why some are allowed some things that others do not? To what extent with so much limitation is it possible for new teams to appear in the elite of world football as in their day they were the Parma, the Sports or the same Villarreal? What can't a small club deserve the arrival of a multimillionaire patron who will take it to the top of the world and make its followers happy? Enigmatic questions that have no answer ... for now.

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