Villarreal CF, an example of how to do things right

Villarreal CF, an example of how to do things right
The precious stadium of ceramics, Villarreal's house. PHOTO: The world

It seems that after winning the Europa League of 2021, many discovered at Villarreal. However, this team from a small municipality of just over 50.000 population, However, this team from a small municipality of just over Castellón and a few 55-60 km from Valencia, He has been doing things very well for many years and among the greatest in Spain.

Villarreal a great team created with a lot of work and investment

In any major European league to find any paragon what happens in Spain with a municipality poor 51.000 inhabitants and that responds to the name of Villarreal. There, in this town in the province of Castellón football team rises, with its ups and downs, In an example of management and sports administration at all levels, starting with grassroots football and the quarry where they are a benchmark in the area above other professional teams in the area such as Valencia and Levante.

Accustomed to living in the most modest football, the Villarreal CF did not step on the Second Division B of Spanish football until the campaign 1987-88. ephemeral passage that ended three years later with the club back into the well of the Third Division in the early 90. However in a few decades, the “Yellow Submarine” It has grown from a team of people to be internationally known thanks to their daily work.

His first title was the extinct ‘Intertoto Cup‘ but the scant repercussion of that extinct preliminary tournament of the old UEFA Cup made no one take her into account. In 2006, the yellow team was one step away from overcoming a Champions semifinals with the one already known as ‘damn’ penalty of Riquelme and in 2008 He was runner-up in the League. In 2021, won his first major title by winning the UEFA Europa League.

Villarreal titles
Villarreal with its brand new Europa League 2021. PHOTO: The Mediterranean newspaper

The great players who have passed through the ‘groguet team’

Known as' groguets’ yellow in Valencian, Villarreal has signed huge players over the last decades as well as doing a spectacular quarry job that has led them to raise excellent footballers to the first team. Through its ranks in recent years have passed footballers such as Diego Forlan (the golden boot of the World Cup 2010), Giuseppe Rossi (top scorer in Serie A), Marco Senna, Juan roman riquelme Y Martin Palermo among many and many names that we could write down.

Villarreal Champions
Riquelme, Senna, Forlan…almost nothing in a 11 of Villarreal of the first decade of the XXI century. PHOTO:Infobae

Fernando Roig, the architect of Villarreal's success

The first and main key to the success of Villarreal is the direction of Fernando Roig. Valencian, brother of Juan Roig (Mercadona) and Paco (former president of Valencia) He is one of the most important businessmen not only in Spain but in the world, who once he decided to bet on football, and also modest. He has invested part of his heritage in building quality squads and having a team in the world elite. And boy did he get it. Thanks to entrepreneur Valencia, Villarreal is a strong club, especially in the economic sphere, the point of being one of the healthiest in Spain by far. And is that the Villarreal before Roig it was just another village team that fought for the lower categories of Spanish football.

Fernando Roig paid tribute to Marcos Senna with a goal at.
Fernando Roig paid tribute to Marcos Senna, one of the greats in the club's history when he retired with a door in the stadium. PHOTO: Brand

He has strong bid because your club has big television revenue and because the team has a field and a penchant according to a demanding project. The old Madrigal built ago 90 years that was barely a village stadium is today the modern and beautiful Stadium Ceramics an enclosure of 23.500 viewers that accommodates more than 17.000 subscribers every two weekends. That figure is precisely the highest in Spain in relation to paid-population.

villarreal stadium
The spectacular stadium ceramics Villarreal, an imposing stadium which hosts more fans than most people of the town. Photo: The Universal MX

The pillars of Villarreal in the last decades

Fans and stadium are important but on three pillars current success also cemented Villarreal:

  • The quarry. The yellow set has a residence for young. A kind of “farmhouse” to study and play football, where focus. “About a hundred young people living in the residence of the Sports City Club, divided into two floors in the building. On the first floor downstairs younger groups that make up the young fish live, infantile and cadet, while in the second, youth and coordinators, which target the kids to share space, fulfill their obligations and they can also enjoy leisure, as the video room, games, library and computers with internet. These young talents come from all over Spain and other countries”, says the club's website to presentation mode which is a model followed by many Spanish clubs and European.
  • Coaches defined and uniform style. something basic. Villarreal knows what they play and that is why they are looking for technicians of a certain profile who are looking for that model. This means that coaches are long-lived and that people believe in the project. The coach has full confidence in the policy and can work pleasure, to the extent to confront some star and get management support, as it happened with Pellegrini and Riquelme. The Chilean coach spent six years in what is almost a record in modern times Spanish football.
  • know sign. Villarreal is very clear. Tab if the new transfer enhancement to existing. No record by signing. And when it does, based on two criteria. Seeks to be a young player who stands out or well established that a safe value. For it, has a network of agents in South America that lets you take young people who have not even been detected by other clubs most powerful.

Among such virtue raises doubt followers, What will happen the day that Fernando Roig go? In the best case scenario will leave a club sanitized, with a defined structure, the elite and struggling to play in Europe. In the worst case, the dream will end but behind a bright, vivid story of beautiful memories that would never have been possible without your input.

fernando roig villarreal
Fernando Roig with the title of champion of the Europa League 2021. PHOTO: Castellón information

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