Villarreal before Roig

Villarreal before Roig
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Younger think that Villarreal has always been a big in our league and has not always been so. Before Fernando Roig, the yellow set was an entity that had not enjoyed much the Second Division (a couple of seasons in 70 in 2nd and not in the current format of the Second) and that of course had never set foot in the First Division. Nor imagined.

The evolution of yellow set is forged in the years 90 and the great leap in quality occurs with the emergence of Roig in the club and creating a professionalized infrastructure, a sports town and one of the largest quarries young talents of our football. The club was founded in 1923 He began to take its first steps with a very distinct colors; black and white. In 1946 began to use colors that we know today with the difference that in 90 trousers and breeches were blue with the classic yellow jersey.

sportingly, Villarreal's first appearance in the old Second Division was in a different format to the current, that of 1970. Previously the club had wandered through the suburbs of football, sand fields before those of Third and Regional of the time Who would seeing the current club? Yellow 2A retained only for 2 seasons. After a long journey yellow burst into the LFP and knocked on the door of professional football in the early 90, decade that certainly can be categorized as the launching pad of a club that today's date is one of the greatest of our football.

That was a formation of Villarreal in the early 90. Photo:
That was a formation of Villarreal in the early 90. Photo:

The 92-93 It was the first season in the Second Division and modern for 6 long periods (92-98) Villarreal cemented what it is today. Many coaches and players went through the yellow set in 90. The first technical Villarreal in the current 2A was Peruvian Osman, ceased the day 26 of the 92-93. Carlos Simon took over the team in Week 27 of the 92-93 finishing in a creditable thirteenth place safe from relegation.

The following season, the 93-94 Madrigal saved the category in the final round at the expense of Castellón C.D eternal rival falling to relegation after losing in Castalia 1-2 Compostela and win against Villarreal at home Cadiz 0-1. Villarreal that had in its ranks a young goalkeeper; Molina, who later became Valencia player, Atletico Madrid, Levante and Deportivo among others as well as international. Less known to the general public but classics that team were Pascual Donat, Javi Moro, You are, Luis Pascual, Planelles, The curtain Cornago.

Coach Carlos Simon was fired the following season (94-95) in the day 23 after falling at home against Eibar 0-1. Simon left the Villarreal 6th place. Uriarte took over that team that militated the; Sanchez Broto, Pascual, Tell, Vinyals, García Pitarch (former technical secretary of Atletico Madrid and Valencia, top scorer of that team 7 targets), Dos Santos, Ricky and the first Brazilian Alexandre its history.

The plantiilla for Villarreal 95/96 a poster of the newspaper Levante.

The half of Ituarte ended in Table 10º. In the 95-96 Villarreal saved the category but suffer a historic win at the Madrigal as was that 0-6 that endorsed a Hercules of Alicante released to First Division. It could straighten the course time finishing 15th ranked. David Vidal would take on the day 10 and that team kept the base of the season but peeked above the famous Bosman ruling that opened the doors to players from other European countries. At that time also came the Belodedici (Romania), Seoane (Uruguay), Claut (Argentina) y Scepanovic (Montenegro).

In the 96-97 Subirats (former technical secretary of Valencia and Hercules) begin the season as Villarreal coach of Brazilian nothing less than 4; Alexandre, Rubem, Evando, Fernando. It was stopped in the day 20 in which Irulegui replace him. If there was a scorer in that team that was Paco Salillas at that time even he had hair and poked his head a young loan from Valencia, one such Albelda. Valencia also gave Villarreal in this season Andrés Palop.

Villarreal C.F. of the 96-97 finished 10th and was on-ramp for what would come next season nothing more and nothing less than the First Division. And here he tore the era of Fernado Roig Villarreal hand of his inseparable Llaneza landed in the Yellow Submarine.

Irulegui was Villarreal coach who would make history reaching for the first time in the First Division, in the 97-98 He finished fourth championship with Fernando Roig and presiding over the club, allowing him to contest the promotion to First. The opponent was the Sociedad Deportiva Compostela (He struggled to stay in first and Villarreal for promotion). The first leg was played at El Madrigal and ended with goalless draw, while the back was played at the San Lazaro multipurpose the 24.05.98 and ended with a tie.

Alberto scored the yellows gave the rise, for the first time in club history, the League of the Stars. salillas made 17 goals in regular season and the goal stood a young Palop loan from Valencia. Fernando Roig commissioned the first major expansion of the Madrigal would happen 7.500 viewers to 15.000 and later successive extensions to the current 23.500 viewers.

So the first ascent took place in Villarreal. Photo:
So the first ascent took place in Villarreal. Photo: old magazine Donbalón

Villarreal C.F. He failed to remain in first in his first participation. Behind the 98-99, Category descend club and live a turning point in its history. Definitely, a phrase that sums up the change of course is a phrase Llaneza, confidant of Fernando Roig and traveling companion on your journey in the world of football: “after ascending we thought we were smarter than others and that was our conviction”.

They took good note of their mistakes and humbly, the season 99-00 They return to get promotion only one season after relegation. The rest you know, 15 First seasons only interrupted by a short step 2A in 2012/13 and European shares with Champions League semifinal and including Madrigal is far from that early stage 90, a sports town the best of Spain and a club that went from wandering youth ranks to become a classic of the First Division.

If you do not remember how old he was or that Madrigal Villarreal of 90 You can see this video of

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  1. Before Roig Villarreal played 7 Second seasons. 2 in the years 70 Y 5 between 1992 Y 1997, which is when he arrived Roig (in 1997). In the years 70 Second Division had the same format as the current, what did not exist was the Second B, But that has nothing to do. Pascual Font de Mora as a strong man in the directive amounted to Villarreal twice Second Division, last of them managed to consolidate. regards.

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