He “Superdepor”, a classic in Europe

He “Superdepor”, a classic in Europe
Deportivo de la Coruña won its first title in 1995 although a year before he was about to win the League. With 'Superdepor' and then 'Eurodepor', the team from A Coruña lived some magical years between 1992 y 2004. PHOTO: capture Youtube

The mythical Superdepor made history in Spanish football. And there was a time not long ago, where to talk about Deportivo de la Coruña, He was talking about a formidable team nobody wanted to face. A great man from Europe and Spain who walked the world with the name of a city of some 250.000 population. a set, who for many years it played havoc wherever he went.

The Superdepor, a team for history

Despite being a team with a very old tradition (Deportivo creation dates from 1906), it wouldn't be until 1992 when the Galicians lift that label team that had won would be removed due to its continuous promotions and demotions.

And it's going to take to become the “Superdepor”. And it is that this summer 1992 It would mark a turning point in the history of the Galician box. The team had managed to climb to first the 10 June 1991 and that first year had served to consolidate in the top flight.

The second season was coming as marked by two important events: conversion into a corporation due to the entry of the law forcing teams to become SA (with the exception of R. Madrid, Barcelona, Athletic and Osasuna) and investing in big signings that would result in the quality leap.

Those already Liaño, Fran, Lopez Recarte o Claudio Barragan, the entity of Augusto Cesar Lendoiro, father of this ‘super sporty‘ added the signings of two stellar Brazilians ,Bebeto and Mauro Silva, and from a center Serb of enormous projection called Miroslav Djukic. All of this, under the baton of a war veteran: Arsenio Iglesias, one of those legendary soccer coaches of the 90.

signing of Bebeto by Superdepor
The signing of Bebeto changed the history of Deportivo de la Coruña, PHOTO: capture Youtube

The Superdepor, one of the roosters of the Spanish League

How could it be otherwise, the results were swift and the team finished third behind only Barcelona and Real Madrid. Besides, Liano won the Zamora and Bebeto was the top scorer in the league.

The season 93-94 It would be the consecration of the elite team. Depor led the league since the day 14 and only the squandered a penalty by Djukic in the last minute of the League against Valencia he was going to prevent the A Coruña team from winning their first League.

Nevertheless, The year was not all bad, as the team made its debut in the UEFA reaching eighth and also became the meanest team in the history of the league in a season (18 goals in 38 parties).

Next year, he 95, was going to be the first official title of the Superdepor. The Galician side was to proclaim Cup champion by defeating Valencia 2-1 in an eventful final had to be suspended due to the rainfall in the Bernabeu. Besides, The team of Arsenio Iglesias I was going to get a new league runner-up.

Arsenio Iglesias father of Superdepor
Arsenio Iglesias was the father of the Superdepor from the beginning to the middle of the years 90. PHOTO: capture Youtube

From that year, Depor would have a few years of staking where the highlight was to be a semifinal of the Recopa in the campaign 95-96 before Paris Saint Germain. However, the entrance of the Bosman Law and succulent television contracts led the team out arming themselves with great players they would bring the club more nights of glory. ( Rivaldo, Djalminha, Makaay, Naybet, Victor Romero o)

That was how the season 1999-2000 the arrived Sport League Champion, already with Irureta soap dispensers on the bench, that was going to lead the team from A Coruña to become champions of the League for the first time and the only time so far in its history, thus closing the wound of that missed penalty by Djukic. That template of the sport 2000 took the name of the club to the top.

Successes that were to follow exhibits the following year, Champions where the team would fall against Leeds in the quarter after two initial phases fruitful, and in the League, with a new runner-up.

The Centennial, the last success of Depor already in the 21st century

The season 2001-02 It would be the Centenariazo. Birthday party Real Madrid had marked its peak the 6 March with the date of the final of the Copa del Rey. The host, a team full of galactic figures, he was going to fall defeated before his audience with a memorable performance by Valerón, Sergio and Diego Tristan. Thus, he Superdepor he won his second cup, This more value if possible, the stage, the rival, and how he had gotten. Besides, in Europe despite falling again into quarters, showed off a wonderful game that served to win in Highbury, Old Trafford among other mythical stadiums.

The bell 2003-04 It would be the last of a great Depor. The team would get to reach the semifinals of the Champions League after back from a 4-1 to Milan in the quarterfinals. However, Porto Mourinho would end the dream Galician to remove thanks to a penalty I called in Riazor. Besides, in League, the team would finish being third.

With the departure of Jabo Irureta and Mauro Silva, the last symbol in 2005 and the loss of economic capacity, the Galician club was going to recede prominence over the years until it descended to the Second B and later compete in the created 1RFEF. Quite an outrage for a team with the winners of Deportivo Coruna con : 1 Liga, 2 Cups and 3 Spanish Super Cups.

template supersport
Mauro Silva was one of the legendary and key players in the best Depor in history. From the beginning to the end. PHOTO: capture Youtube

Unfortunately, far away are the times of that ‘supercar‘.

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