The most beautiful history t Betis

The most beautiful history t Betis
T-Shirt Finidi season 97-98 PHOTO: @CamisetasBetis

Which are the prettiest history t Betis? The Sevillian team It's one of the Historic Spanish League and one of those teams that have a soul and a special art that to be known for more things than football.

And how could it be otherwise, during its long history, The club of Sevilla He has had many sheepskins. These are in our opinion, some Best t-shirts in the history of Real Betis Balompié.

T-Shirt cententario Betis in 2007, a work of art. PHOTO:

In the late 80 and early 90 Real Betis wore this shirt Hummel. PHOTO:

T-Shirt of the season Betis 2017-18.

the most beautiful history t Betis
T-shirts 70 with that special vintage touch. PHOTO: AS

the most beautiful history t Betis
Alignment 1994 with a very classic T-Shirt 90. PHOTO:

history t nicest Betis
Finidi George with Betis 1999-2000. PHOTO: Brand

most beautiful shirts of Real Betis
The second shirt of Betis in 2018-19. PHOTO:Shirts La Liga

shirts most beautiful in the history of Betis
T-Shirt Real Betis in the season 1982-83 one of the most beautiful shirts in the history of Betis. PHOTO:

prettiest shirts Betis
Tee season 2004-05, a beauty. PHOTO:


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