The third youth Claudio Ranieri

The third youth Claudio Ranieri

Spanish football fans, especially those of Valencia, Claudio Ranieri will remember from his time at Valencia club where he was late 90 and half of the first part of the century XXI. The Roman general seemed to have been forgotten despite leading in recent years Monaco has managed to put the machada leader of the Premier League to Leicester City, a group that manages a budget away those who manage large dinosaurs English football.

Claudio Ranieri, Born in Rome in 1951, He became famous in Spanish football after reaching a Valencia walking in the middle of the table at the end of the 90 and bring it to win a title, that of the King's Cup 1999, it was the first club of Valencia in decades, since their last title dated from the 70. A second stage in Valencia, in 2004, however it was not as good as the first. Even so, He managed to win the European Super Cup that year as Valencia coach. He was the man who gave him the nickname “Cobra” Adrian Ilie he has a del “Dragon” Santi Cañizares to.

Ranieri at the end of the 90 in Valencia.
Ranieri at the end of the 90 in Valencia.

He passed Chelsea, Inter, Parma, Juve, Monaco and the selection of Greece but when it seemed that the Roman general would enjoy and past the 60 a quiet retreat, It seems to have reached a third youth, one that has managed to make a modest Premier at the highest. Something that would seem circumstantial but outside because it has a leader almost finished the first round.

Something that can report a succulent gain the good Ranieri. And the Italian has signed a contract that will receive 100.000 pounds each since their team exceeds the 18. If the Premier had finished and, It would take almost 2 million pounds prize. Almost nothing. We'll see if the machada continues or remains but so far he danced away what.

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