Uruguayan footballers, the Spartans of modern football

Uruguayan footballers, the Spartans of modern football
Uruguayan footballers, the Spartans in the world of football in the XXI century. PHOTO: Futbol.uy

The players have a special DNA Uruguay.Combative and competitive until the end, are the Spartans football today. But it is not the only way to explain how a country with only 3 millions of inhabitants, which they are mostly in Montevideo, He is able to export for so many decades, so many professional players and one of the power levels of selections.

Competition from small as a tool to pass the filter

The documentary ‘Becoming Champions’ que emite Netflix He explains it very well. Football in the lower echelons of Uruguay is not like you can understand footballing countries are as Spain. There is no room for the child to have fun or play, there are not many competitions licenses and for that to happen, there are required to compete for a title or a category from small well. And most who pass filter pressure and competition, just they are reaching the elite. A kind of Spartan training applied to football. And the numbers are striking.

The numbers of the Spartans football the XXI century

For every Uruguayan there 13 Argentine and 63 Brazilian for example. But nevertheless Uruguay exports more players to Europe to Argentina and Brazil. Thus, the Uruguayan youth football system is a machine to create professional football players, some of them world class and other midlevel but virtually all of them are professionals, as were the Spartan soldiers.

Uruguayan footballers migrate soon

This training system footballers joined the local league is not overly powerful or attractive (possibly because the players flying fast nest), makes players Uruguayans emigrate soon. A) Yes, each year we find hundreds of players born in Uruguay for the World. Uruguayans are born to be soccer players, Spartan as they did to be welded.


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