Parma, How the Serie D to Serie A in three years?

Parma, How the Serie D to Serie A in three years?
Parma's hobby is excited again with his team (Photo: Twitter Parma Calcio 1913)

We remember the most nostalgic of the mythical Parma 90 what, Hand Parmalat, a gap was among the best in Italy and Europe. The team that got to count on the likes of Fabio Cannavaro, Hernán Crespo, Sebastian Veron, Sensini, Buffon then Thuram, He came to lift 3 Coppas Italy, 2 UEFA Cups, one Cup Winners Cup and European Super Cup.

But nevertheless, in 2004 there was the bankruptcy of Parmalat and from there the team suffered economically. Parma down to Serie B season 2007-2008 and subsequently, because of the serious economic problems, I had to refounded in 2015 having to start at the bottom of Italian football, the Series D.

Since then, the new’ Parma only knows promotions. First he managed to climb to the C Series, a year later came to Serie B this season and is second in Serie B, so it takes up a position for promotion to lack of 4 games left of the season. The winner, the Empoli, He has already achieved a ticket to play in the elite calcium 77 points. It is followed by Parma 63 and are closely Palermo (also with 63) and Frosinone (62).

Parma Calcio see if this 1913, as it is called now the club, He is able to achieve this historic milestone. Of course, by enthusiasm and support of his fans will not be. It would be a joy for those who yearn for this historic club that peaked in the early 90.

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