Teams that played in international competitions being second

Teams that played in international competitions being second
Santiago Wanderers international competitions being played in second. Specifically Copa Libertadores. Photo: T13

There are teams that played international competitions being in second. Just playing clubs in international competitions usually do because they come to make a great season, allowing them to be classified in their domestic competition for higher quotas. However there is a nuance, and there is also the possibility of making a horrible season in the league but getting win or reach a cup final which allows play European competition next year. We want to talk about these teams in this article about

Teams that played in international competitions being second

In Europe:

Millwall in UEFA Cup 2004/05

The modest English team played for UEFA after being a finalist in the FA Cup against Manchester United. They lost 3-0 but as the United, I was qualified for the Champions, he Milwall went on to play the second European competition. They fell in the first round.

Alemannia Aachen in the UEFA Cup 2004/05

same season, same case as Millwall, same situation. The modest German team reached the final of the German Cup and lost to Werder Bremen. But as his rival qualified for the Champions, UEFA played. Unlike the Millwall, not only they exceeded the previous round but the group stage and fell into sixteenths being a team second.

Southampton in the Cup Winners Cup 1976/77

The British got into the extinct Recopa thanks to his victory in the previous edition of the FA Cup against Manchester United when they won second team being. The victory against United for 1-0 It was the big surprise of the season in England. They reached the quarter-finals.

Gueungnon FC in the UEFA Cup 2000/01

This modest French team had a great season 1999/2000 He is fifth in the French second division, although he is given the chance to move up. However they are given the surprise in the Cup and reached the final where they were charged to a PSG, it was not what it is today, by 2-0, winning the title and entering European competition. They fell in first round, but the feat of FC Gueungnon it was already done.

In Southamerica:

Crimson (1992)

Brazil thanks to Copa Libertadores managed to play, tournament that made a big role. They reached quarterfinals despite playing second.

Saint Andrew (2005)

He also got to play the Copa Libertadores by Brazil. It was third with eight points in a group with Palmeiras, Cerro Porteno and Tachira.

Jorge Wilstermann (2011)

They were crowned Apertura champions (2010), but due to the format of the local tournament, Bolivians ended up falling to decline by bad seasons. This did not deprive him of playing the Libertadores in 2011. They fell at the group stage after winning one game.

Palm trees (2013)

He won the Brazilian Cup and fell in the same year. Even so, It was planted in the second round of the Copa Libertadores, where he was felled by the Mexican Tijuana.

Santiago Wanderers (2018)

He won the Cup in Chile 2017 which he allowed him to earn his ticket for the Copa Libertadores. However, also he descended to First B, Chilean second division, making him the first Chilean team to play in an international competition being in second.

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