Milwall supporter of terrorists faced punches shouting: “Fuck you, I'm from Milwall”

Milwall supporter of terrorists faced punches shouting: “Fuck you, I'm from Milwall”
The fan of Milwall that the London bombers faced bare-knuckle. Photo: @BigSportGB/twitter

El sábado 3 June 2017 It will remain in football history by the end of the Champions Real Madrid beat Juventus in Cardiff, the twelfth for white box. However, at the same time and not so far away, in London, the terrorist barbarity left another night of terror tarnishing the joy of the fans and lovers of Champions. Three terrorists sow panic in the first English capital with a van and then with knives.

Como es lógico, within these misfortunes there are always stories and one that has transcended the press for too curious, is that of Roy Larner, one of the wounded in the attack that punches faced with terrorists when they started stabbing people after leaving the truck which had hit many people.

Despite being disarmed, He stood up to armed terrorists shouting “joderos am the Milwall”. "I went to them like an idiot, but I needed to do something ", he claimed. "I took a few steps toward them and shouted at them 'Fuck you, I'm from Millwall!'And they began to attack. I stopped to fight them while everyone was running but I hurt because I was only against the three. I was stabbed and cut eight times, There was blood everywhere, but luckily they did not end with me ".

Milwall hobby, It is considered one of the most dangerous of England. Despite not being a pointer or military equipment in the English top, the London team, one of the many professionals who are in the city and surroundings, It has some hardened hooligans. We do not know if Roy is one of them but if they had the courage at the same madness to deal with these completely unarmed savages becoming one of the heroes of the night to stop at least for a few moments to terrorists and allowing more people could come loose from them. And have the good fortune to tell the tale.

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