Football game that saved a fan died in the attack Brussels

Football game that saved a fan died in the attack Brussels

The world is appalled by the terrorist barbarity. The attack in Brussels, It joins unfortunately already long list of atrocities committed by some individuals who do not want to publicize. As in this case within the collective tragedy there are individual stories, one of terror and horror and other relief for saving life. Like Facundo Burgos, the Argentine fan of Rosario Central that saved the life thanks to a football match.

This young Argentine will never forget that 22 March 2016 and neither will the party Rosario Central played against Sarmiento. facundo, He traveled to Europe earlier this month for a tour of Europe and these days, it was his turn to Belgium. He stayed in Ghent a few kilometers from Brussels. The fateful Tuesday 22, He must come to Brussels, to the station where the attacks occurred and at the same time thereof. But he did not.

The previous night, faithful to the colors of your team, Rosario, He stood watching the game online. By the logic time difference between Argentina and Europe, The match was played late in the morning prompting Facundo, I went to sleep as late as falling asleep the next day and not hear the alarm clock. This caused him to lose the train and miraculously, save his life.

As he told the Argentine media and Central page: “I can say that Rosario saved my life”. Coincidence or not, We do not know how he spends the destination, the fact is that some colors and passion for wanting to see their team even if it was late at night and from thousands of kilometers, He saved his life . A story that resembles much to you have in your day, the the goal that saved a life and of course we recommend reading because it is also the less curious.

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