Carlos candle: the boy “anti-football”

Carlos Vela: el chico “anti-fútbol”

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The case of carelessness and irresponsibility of Carlos Vela to the sport in which his status of "crack" perceives a high salary that allows him to live in luxury and have other privileges alternate, like fame and living abroad, It is symptomatic in football mundial.Si their situation is particularly good with very sharp edges, It reflects a non-exclusive problem of Mexican player.

The athlete who is dedicated to football is a member of a privileged caste that their profession should be taken as such, as does a bureaucrat or an entrepreneur, that invests its tasks more hours of dedication and responsibility.
What happened between Sunday 6 and Monday 7 in Spain leaves the perception that the Aztec striker has not understood a well-despite his years in the professionalism and practically has spent a decade in Europe, since he was adolescent its professional but not only social responsibility, not only with the club that pays his salary (very high indeed, He is the highest paid player from Real Sociedad 2012), but with its extensive hobby, which until recently had it but as an idol, itself as a leader in the field, in addition to their own peers.

The perceived quintanarroense $4.3 million dollars a year, alrededor de 360 thousand dollars a month, which translates into about a million 900 thousand Mexican pesos collected each 30 days, an activity that would mean at most 3 daily hours of physical exertion. It should remember that thanks to this very flexible schedule is that could travel from San Sebastian to Madrid, just to finish his match against Levante, el pasado domingo 6 of March, to go to the concert of American singer Chris Brown. Apart, He never specified whether the route to the Spanish capital did on a commercial flight or a charter, and if the latter way, It means that paid the rent of the aircraft due to high salary-just-perceived as a footballer.

Vela fue pillado en un concierto tras coger un avión después del partido ante el Levante.
Vela was caught in a concert after catching a plane after the game against Levante.

Against so-called "Bomber" also acts the fact that his former teammate, Antoine Griezmann French (Today Atletico Madrid striker), with whom he was enjoying the event in a Madrid nightclub, If you attended corresponding practice with Colchoneros, which shows a greater degree of responsibility for their profession.

Besides, I do not fit on the head of Vela stupidity of not understanding that we live in a time when being in a public place and being a public figure, everything we do can be ... public, as there is ease of being recorded or photographed and immediately spread in social networks. And to top, the ridiculous pretext that Peaked, almost high school student, informing the club he had "gastroentiritis", sink finishes.

Curiously, las 2 top stars of world football today, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, They are delivered to their careers and show absolute respect for the fans, and therefore hardly they injured and maintain a high degree of effectiveness and performance, and never, or hardly ever, They are seen involved in extra-court scandals. So, Why a player who has not yet finished being a reality can not focus strictly ball and meet the demands of their business?

They come to mind the words of the Aztec attacker, expressed in mid-February 2014, in an interview with Canal Plus Spain, when, victim of an attack of sincerity, Layer opened regarding his profession: "I enjoy playing but when the game ends, football ended and I can talk about anything except football because I do not feel comfortable and I'm not comfortable ".

Como ya contamos en este artículo a Vela no le gusta mucho el fútbol.
As we in an article to Vela did not really like football.

"Crack" inside the court but apparently irked beyond football, Carlos Vela was defined as a player who does not care too much for your sport, and much of the explanation of their refusal to play a World Cup (the Brazilian 2014) he let them see during the interview for the Spanish channel.

Beyond the act of indiscipline, public or private sanctions to be applied and child lie on his "condition", Carlos Vela season with Real Sociedad has been sharply away from expectations. In his fifth season in San Sebastián, Mexican forward of 27 years, there were only up to before the scandal marked its escapada- 4 goals in 29 matches played in the Spanish League, in which is their worst record since joining from Arsenal.

All this has earned him the rejection of the fans “blue and white”, already they are tired and upset by the apathetic attitude of "Bomber" on the court and even outside it. Immediately after his "mischief" in Madrid, on the social network Twitter was showered reviews, and when he reappeared at the Anoeta Stadium, in the game against Las Palmas (in which to make matters worse his team lost 0-1), He was booed by fans every time he came into contact with the ball.

Apart, with its trastada, his fellow attacker could have thrown up, and that day l discovered the deception of Carlos, San Sebastián captain Xabi Prieto told reporters: “(Sailing) He understands that peers are hurting with his acting ".

However, subsequently they endorsed and asked coach, Eusebio Sacristan which had planned him away from the campus holder during a week-, that included him in the squad for the next game. “Group health understand that it is best not to go against the team”, He explained the "Mr.".

One way or the other, Vela made it clear that one of the most important moments of his career, when you could make a qualitative leap, continues to behave like a teenager, so he opened a door (by by by) for next summer you can negotiate his departure from Real Sociedad, since apparently it has juicy offers MLS US, where already he was a great friend of his exile, He comodino another player who never wanted to give the C's: Giovani Dos Santos.

Vela con Aquino y Gio Dos Santos cuando los mexicanos jugaban en el Villarreal.
Candle with Aquino and Gio Dos Santos when Mexicans played at Villarreal.

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