Carlos candle: the rescue of Mexico

Carlos candle: the rescue of Mexico

Carlos Vela will return to the "Tricolor" in the next game in Mexico. The dismissal of "Chepo" de la Torre has opened the doors of the selection to the forward of the Real Sociedad. The “Chepo” era has been an absolute failure, with the World Cup in Brazil in the air, a revolution seems to straighten the course of the Aztec team. Vela will return to the rescue to put Mexico in the final phase of the World Cup. After the failures in the Gold Cup and the Confederations Cup, Mexico is sunk in fourth place in the Concacaf Hexagonal, where USA and Costa Rica already have the passport, while Honduras has it on track. Mexico will fight Panama for fourth place, which would force both teams to play a play-off match against New Zealand.

Vela and Efraín Suarez were fined and punished with 6 months for a party supposedly organized by the player txuri-urdin the 7 September 2010, after a match against Colombia. It seems that the brother of "Chepo" pointed to both as leaders of the aforementioned party, in which were other players of the Mexican team. From 2010, "Chepo" was only summoned to Sailing for the Copa América 2011, but Arsenal did not let him play.

Since then, the "Mayan bomber" has received many expressions of support., not just from fans, also Mexican players of the stature of Pavel Pardo who was blunt when saying that "the six-month punishment of Carlos Vela and Efraín Juárez was too much, because the regulation says that they can make their life whatever they want when the concentration ends ". On the other hand, Another mythical player like Oswaldo Sánchez criticized both Vela and Ochoa for not going to the national team. It turns out that Ochoa has also had his pluses and minuses with "Chepo".

Chepo's bad work at the head of the Mexican team has led him to be dismissed.
Chepo's bad work at the head of the Mexican team has led him to be dismissed.

Nobody in San Sebastián understood the decision of the Mexican federation. From my point of view, Vela is the best player in Mexico, well ahead of Gio and Manchester United substitute, Chicharito Hernandez. It is an insult to football that Vela is not an international player, in favor of the Royal Society, Donostia and the League, who have exclusively enjoyed the talent of the Maya. In the Royal Society, Vela is the true team leader in both goals and assists, but he is also a born card provocateur, For example, the day that Piqué was expelled and the San Sebastian team traced a 0-2 of the Barça in Anoeta, or the other day against Lyon.

Carlitos Vela shows every Sunday that he is one of the best forwards in the League, It is a pity that many in Mexico have not realized it in recent times., especially "Chepo" de la Torre. It can be said that the one from Cancun won the battle and we will almost certainly see him with the "Tricolor" next 11 November against Panama, a life or death match. Mexico needs him because he is their best player. Carlos has matured in Donostia. The Mexican has made history by scoring the goal 3000 in club history last season. The blue and white ship sails through the Champions League and the League “from wind to strength, a full sail ”with Carlos as commander Why not give him the stripes with Mexico?

Will Vela silence Chepo De la Torre after marginalizing him?.
Will Vela silence Chepo after marginalizing him?.

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