Aloys Nong: new Levante player and ambassador against human trafficking

Aloys Nong: new Levante player and ambassador against human trafficking

Aloys Nong is the new Levante player but he is also an ambassador for the Samilia foundation, dedicated to preventing human trafficking. In the world of football it is difficult to find players who are committed to a cause, in the case of the new Levante player, having lived it from the inside makes it so more than anyone.

Born in Cameroon in 1983, was the victim of a fraud that affects many African children every year and for a long time who are tricked into traveling to Europe with the promise of a better future as an elite player in European football.

In the case of the Cameroonian forward, he was one of many. As he himself has related more than once, was captured by a network that is dedicated to these tasks when he had 16 years with six more colleagues. They took him to France, place where almost all African footballers start, to perform various tests with various teams in the area. Like practically all Africans, he came from a humble family and his resources were scarce..

The problem came when no club stayed with him or any other of his six teammates. The same people who had taken them and confined them to a room with two mattresses left them lying around. As they were no longer profitable, they did not interest. Neither Nong nor his fellow travelers had the money to return to their country. Con 16 years, he was lost in misery and unable to return to his country.

As the same player confesses, his visa expired and he was living in an illegal situation in Paris for two years, playing in third level teams and surviving as you could. “We lived in fear”, as has come to confirm in an interview.

Luck for him changed when Liege gave him a test and offered him a contract in the Belgian League where he has spent the last ten years until he has been able to make the leap to a more powerful League like the Spanish one. He was lucky and can live off football, the rest of his classmates did not have as much, only he is an elite footballer.

Aloys Nong upon arrival in Valencia to play for Levante.
Aloys Nong upon arrival in Valencia to play for Levante.

Anyone could have moved on, having forgotten what they lived and enjoying their new life. But Nong decided to take advantage of his luck to try to change the luck of others, to prevent others from living what he lived. This is the new Levante player, forward by profession and ambassador against human trafficking by conviction.

Alberto Llopis

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