Peruvian swells fattening 25 kg for a place disabled and see Peru in Russia

Un hincha peruano engorda 25 kg para conseguir una plaza de movilidad reducida y ver a Perú en Rusia
The passion for Peru has made a fan fatten 25 kg just to see your selection. Photo: Capture / Youtube

Last update 6 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

They say that football moves passions but sometimes just to pass. If you do not tell that to Miguel, a fan of Peru who ate like an animal to fatten 25 kg and thus get a special entrance for people with reduced mobility and see to your selection. As normal entrances were exhausted, this Peruvian quirky decided to get one of the special places in the stadium and could not think of another way to reach obesity to achieve it.

“One of the requirements was to suffer morbid obesity and I was in 30 body mass index when it should be 35. I lacked 25 kilos”, He said this Peruvian swells identified as Miguel F. "I bought the tickets and then I started gaining weight.

Ate all, especially carbohydrates. He had three months to submit the certificate of obesity and luckily it turned”, He said the peculiar fan of Peru to the media. Barbarities that can make one for football and follow the national team for the world.

Alberto Llopis

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