Schedules and where to see the Peruvian national team this summer

Schedules and where to see the Peruvian national team this summer
Gareca se muestra esperanzado con el papel de Perú en la Copa América.

There is little time left for the Peruvian national team to return to competition. With the arrival of June, a long journey begins in which the team led by Ricardo Gareca has two main objectives: overcome the qualifying rounds to Qatar 2022 and the America's Cup.

Since Bookmakers Peru they assure that Peru has high hopes of curdling a great role, especially in the Copa América. But for it, before they should end with good feelings the clashes that will measure Colombia and Ecuador qualifying for the World Cup next year.

Horarios de los partidos de Perú

Then, We show you the schedules of the next matches that the Peruvian National Team will carry out during the month of June:

Peru - Colombia, qualifier for the Qatar World Cup 2022, the day will be disputed 3 to 21:00 hours in Lima. Meanwhile, the other match against Ecuador will take place in Quito, the day 8 to 16:00 hours.

Peru's debut against Brazil in the Copa América, the great challenge as it advances I bet you PDF, will be the 18 June at 20:00 hours in Cali. The duel against Colombia will also be held at said venue. (day 21 to 20:00 hours).

Finally, Peru will bid farewell to the first phase of the continental tournament again against Ecuador, the day 24 to 17:00 hours, and Venezuela, day 28 to 20:00 hours.

Where to see the Peru National Team

As has already happened in previous matches, it will be Movistar Sports, through your channel dial 3 Movistar, who broadcasts live all the matches that the Peruvian National Team in the qualifying rounds for the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

further, también cabe la posibilidad de que algunos enfrentamientos sean emitidos por América Televisión.

Eso en cuanto a las eliminatorias mundialistas se refiere, porque una vez inmersos en la Copa América, los duelos de Perú se podrán visualizar en DIRECTV Sports y también en la ya citada América Televisión.

Since I bet you PDF tienen claro que se avecina un mes apasionante para el fútbol peruano, por lo que habrá que estar muy atentos.

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