Nico Gaitan jinx in China

Nico Gaitan jinx in China
Nico Gaitan stay KO after a blow with a rival. It seems jinxed since arriving in China. Photo: Twitter / @RoyTluo

There are times in life that seems to have thrown him one some sort of curse because there is no way of leaving things. This should think the poor Nico Gaitán who did not get anything since leaving Benfica headed Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2016 for an amount of 25 millions of euros.

And worse they are doing things in China since his moveDalian Yifanga few weeks ago. Since arriving in China with his partner in the Atleti, Yannick Carrasco, He has played 3 matches, He has lost them all, They have gotten them 13 goals and a coup was being KO and giving a tremendous shock.

The Argentine soccer player collapsed on the lawn after an accidental blow with a rival after suffering a concussion with loss of consciousness requiring it to be taken to hospital, where it was put under observation. His team also, He lose again 3-0, up to 13 the figure 3 meetings.

Gaitán, just played 49 official parties in nearly two years as Atletico and was transfixed by 18 millions, some less than those who took his move colchonero club. Although the choice of club in China seems to have been the most successful for the Argentine who made the leap to Europe from Boca Juniors 2010. At 30 years, it seems that the jinx has appropriated him on arrival at the Chinese football.

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Alberto Llopis

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