Juanma Lillo, master trainers who never gets succeed

Juanma Lillo, master trainers who never gets succeed
Juanma Lillo leaves Atlético Nacional. The one from Tolosa does not succeed where he goes. Photo: Marca.com

Juanma Lillo leaves Atletico Nacional, one of the giants of Colombian soccer. It is true that his arrival a few months ago, never got to please the fans in the box Medellin. The output of its predecessor, Reynaldo Rueda, who had won the last Copa Libertadores as well as an Opening, a glass, Recopa Sudamericana and one Superliga in Colombia, It did not help much to Lillo coming with a history riddled with no flavors.

Nothing announced the hiring of Spanish club had already fans against their arrival since the vast majority of them thought that the substitute Rueda had to be a technician with a successful track record, something for nothing fit the profile of Lillo, a technician considered a master of coaches but never get where you are going to succeed. Many fans called for his resignation from almost the first day he arrived in Medellin.

Juanma Lillo of the second is not very productive experience in Colombia. The Tolosa and directed between 2013 Y 2014 a Colombian football as Millonarios another big where he also went totally triumphant. Lillo started very early in the world of the dugout. born 3 November 1965, with 30 years, He got his biggest hit was on a bench, double rise of category Salamanca from Second Division B to the top flight.

Juanma Lillo has failed to meet the expectations raised in his debut for almost 20 years. Photo: As.com

Thanks to the prestige acquired in Salamanca, It was signed by Real Oviedo where he debuted in first and was stopped for the first time. He went through the Tenerife where he also was fired in his second season. After almost two years without training, at 2000 It was signed by Real Zaragoza, which eventually also throwing for their poor performance. It was the third team in which he was after his departure from Salamanca and three, they had cast. His prestige was gradually running out.

It took three more years until he picked up the reins of another computer, this time Second Division. He took the reins of a debutante Ciudad de Murcia that finished stopping the technician. Juanma Lillo continued accumulating redundancies, four in his last four teams. His next step was Terrasa, Second also at that time, where he eventually resigned almost dropped the team, ahead of him thrown. Its credibility on a bench at the time was resentful. It was to prove fortune to Mexico, where he joined the Dorados de Sinaloa. There, he signed a Pep Guardiola as a player whose career was almost finished and still had not become successful coach who would become.

Lillo went to Guardiola in Mexico. Photo: Record

controversially, his team finished down. It took two years to re-sign with a team and made by the Royal Society at that time, He militated in Second Division. Here there was an unusual event in his career since 1995, It was not ceased even in his second season, It was not renewed. At least he not accumulated a decline. Then he went through the Almería, and in First Division where he also was ceased for an 20 November 2010. Millonarios subsequent tour which did not succeed as second Sampaoli, it has maintained in recent years elite.

How Juanma Lillo as coach? Defender of the beautiful game, Football game model positional attack, He came to be in the pools of Barcelona (or that someone wanted to sell) to be the coach of the Catalans. Viewing your history, riddled with failures, decreases, separations and absent from titles, The matter seemed the less a joke. A master of rhetoric. A well-regarded coach which reaches even say it was the master of Guardiola. But nevertheless, in professional football you have not yet managed to reach the éxito.A see if someday we see that Lillo who always stays in Overture.

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