Countries with the most players abroad

Países con más jugadores en el extranjero

Last update 29 May, 2014 por Julio Muñoz

Export in football is a common occurrence for almost the beginning of the game. Historically, South American players were those who migrated from South America to Europe in order to improve their football careers. Then, They followed that path African footballers, Asians and Europeans as, they decided not only travel the Old Continent, but cross borders to the US or Mexico, mainly. Por ello, in Hanged by Football, we unveiled today which countries are exporters of players:

1- Brasil: the main power football is the country's exports. Up to a total of 1206 players are distributed around the world. Existen 96 playing in the Portuguese league, 48 in Italy. Catar, Japan, anywhere in the world you can be a Brazilian. It, not to mention the nationalized.

2- Francia: 814 Gauls are spread all over the world playing football. Luxembourg, Swiss, Belgium monopolize most destinations, but England (34), Italia (14) or Spain (11) They are also places chosen by one of the great powers always. Even, Argentina, with David Trezeguet, You are fortunate to have a Frenchman in their ranks.

3- Argentina: has a total of 618 men distributed outside its borders. In Chile, hay 88, in Serie A 48, in Greece 30 and in La Liga 26 to name a few of the most eloquent data. Most Argentines obviously lies in the South American leagues.

Agüero compite en Inglaterra.
Agüero competes in England.

4- España: It had always been characterized as a predominantly importing country. A día de hoy, the thing has changed to the extent that there 423 Spanish players out. Inglaterra (32) and Greece (30) preferred destinations. The crisis, a change of mind has caused this change.

5- Uruguay: 222 celestial disputing parties have high-level outside Uruguay. Most do in Argentina because of the short distance that separates them, but there is also a large colony of charruas throughout South America.

Luis Suárez es el uruguayo más representativo.
Suarez is the most representative Uruguay.


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