The best players in the history of Deportivo de la Coruña

The best players in the history of Deportivo de la Coruña
115 years go a long way. To have big cracks like Bebeto. PHOTO: The Journal

Who are they the best players in the history of Deportivo de la Coruña? And 8 from December to 1906 one of the most traditional teams in Spanish football is born, he Deportivo de La Coruña. Standing between the 20 first founded in Spain, the club has achieved in these almost 116 years a league title, 5 League runners-up, 2 King's Cups, 3 Spanish Super Cups, 1 Intertoto Cup and reach the Champions League semi-finalist in the 2004.

A record that does not seem to correspond to a RFEF First Division team. And it is that although Dépor has not been going through its best moment for a few years, There are many who do not forget that glorious era at the end of the century. And Superdepor who won everything and amazed Europe with offensive and quality football. Since then, hundreds of footballers have played in their ranks, but few have reached the status of legend. A fidelity to the colors that we remember today through the best footballers who have defended the blue and white.

The best players in the history of Deportivo de la Coruña

Juan Acuna

Juan Acuna, better known as “xanetas”, He is one of those players from before, of those who spent their entire professional lives in the same club. A true passion for colors that led him to position himself among the most important players of yesteryear.. He fought in the Herculean ranks among 1941 y 1954, with a total of 278 games played. Sixteen seasons under Coruña clubs that gave him 4 Zamora trophies, thus becoming the third goalkeeper with the most Zamora trophies behind Antoni Ramallets and Víctor Valdés.


José Roberto Gama de Oliveira, better known as Bebeto, He is known for being one of the best strikers in Basieño football.. Many will remember him for the tandem he formed with Romario and that led him to win the World Cup. 1994. A quality that he maintained with the blue and white shirt, with whom he played between 1992 y 1996. The desire, the force, The drive and ambition raised him as the club's top scorer, bordering on hundreds of points, what I would do in the 131 matches he played. Definitely, the best gunner of that Superdepor, which led him to get in 1993 the first Pichichi trophy in history.


The Brazilians left a deep mark on the Galician team. So much so that there are many players of this nationality who passed through the ranks of Depor. Among them stands out Donato for being one of the few who have in their showcase all the titles won by the Herculinos. He played from 1993 al 2003 midfielder, although he also did it as a side, it was worth everything. And although his departure was somewhat bittersweet, The Galician team also left a mark on his heart and, until his withdrawal with 40 years, He never closed the doors to a possible return.


Francisco Javier González Pérez, for all: Fran. A legend for the Turks, not only because it is with Donato, one of the few who has been able to savor each of the titles that Depor has won, but because you can count the footballers on your hands “One club man” from recent history and Fran is one of them. Almost two decades wearing the blue and white '10' in 700 matches that made him the player with the most performances for the A Coruña team. One of los 3 players who were present in all Deportivo de la Coruña titles.

Mauro Silva

And if we have to collect all the above, nace Mauro Silva. Brazilian player who, together with Fran and Donato He became the last of the lucky ones 11 in living the 6 Deportivo de La Coruña titles. A great brand midfielder and also world champion with the “verdeamarela”. Thirteen Herculean years (1992-2005) in which 369 meetings led him to become one of the greatest figures of this institution.


If we have to talk about spectacle, Nothing made the Riazor stands shake more than Djalminha. Talent, magic and self-confidence, of course, of a Brazilian who played as a forward or as a midfielder and who left an entire decade in love. A footballer who played a total of 137 matches with the blue and white shirt between 1997 y 2004 and that stood out for its quality and unbalancing game. Definitely, one of those that deserves the live.


No one fighting so much for colors, none so loved by the fans, none like Juan Carlos Valerón. The man known as the “magician of Arguineguín” delighted the A Coruña public along with his personal Sancho Panza: Manuel Pablo, an inseparable duo during their stay in A Coruña. I would for thirteen seasons, in which he surpassed the 400 matches with RC Deportivo (422) and equaled Fran in meetings in Europe (66). A legend not only for the Galicians but for Spanish football, at the level of others like Iniesta. However, like many, Injuries hindered his dream of becoming a star.

Roy Makaay

If there was hunger for a goal, never miss Makaay. The Dutchman was present since the year 99 al 2003. Four seasons in the ranks of RC Deportivo that were enough for him to be crowned one of their top scorers, with a total of 97 many. A quality that was rewarded with the “Golden Boot” in the season 2002-2003, which made him the top scorer in Primera and the greatest scorer in European football. With the, The Turks won everything at the national level.

Diego Tristan

The “Duende de La Algaba” is positioned among the top scorers of the A Coruña team. With the blue and white shirt, Diego Tristan managed to win two Spanish Super Cups (2000 y 2002) and a King's Cup (2002), as well as the Pichichi Trophy after scoring 21 goals in La Liga 2002. He is without a doubt one of the most talented forwards Riazor has ever had., but unfortunately it was also cut short by injuries.

Luis Suarez

He only played one season, to from 1953-1954. He left Depor having scored 3 goals. But few teams can boast of having had in their ranks to the only Spanish male 'Ballon d'Or' in history. Luis Suárez did not need more 17 games so that FC Barcelona would notice him. From there he would play with the Spanish National Team in 32 occasions and would be proclaimed European champion in 1964 with the team with which he would go down in history, Inter Milan.

And even though he was the only one to receive said award, Four sports players have been nominated for the highest individual award in football: Bebeto, Donato, Makaay and Valeron. And the quality of these, and the previous ones mentioned, legends transfer to RC Deportivo.

Cristina Martinez

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