Mauro Silva: Superdepor leader

Mauro Silva: Superdepor leader
Mauro Silva performs an acrobatic clearance in a Champions League match against Porto. PHOTO: Brand
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Mauro Silva was in his own right one of the best players in the history of sports. Surely the suffering fans flocking to Riazor to see coruñés team matches recall with nostalgia other times where were some of the “gallitos” League and Europe. With the team through a long journey in the desert between First and Second, very far from times past but in turn very close, sure in the minds of those fans, appear the memories of that time where the depose was a feared team in Spain and Europe.

We speak as the Superdepor of the 90 and Depor later she was able to be League 2000 or starring legendary comebacks in Champions. That team was able to scare Real Madrid or AC Milan, who rallied in Riazor in a spectacular match. And there, sending in the center of the field of the best Deportivo in history was Mauro Silva.

Mauro Silva, fundamental in the birth of Superdepor

Mauro Silva was born in Sao Bernardo Do Campo, Brazil, the 12 of January of 1968 and he played for the not inconsiderable appointment of thirteen seasons in the ranks of the Galician club. He came in 1992 from the Clube Atlético Bragantino and with Bebeto, Fran or Donato and was the cornerstone of the project that led to Deportivo from the Second Division to win the titles it has in its history.

Mauro Silva and Bebeto with the rest of the signings of Depor in 1992.
Mauro Silva and Bebeto with the rest of the signings of Depor in 1992. PHOTO: Brand

Midfielder great technique with the ball at his feet, It was indisputable for all coaches who had at Deportivo, from the endearing Arsenio Iglesias Jabo Irureta up with the club got the best milestones in its history. He is highlighting its great capacity to steal balls and virtually not lose any. It was that kind of player that every team must have in their midfield, that kind of player who is a lung for their peers.

With a strong leadership, He became captain. His only moon as a footballer was perhaps not had goalscoring, because only he scored one goal in thirteen seasons, even so, it fulfilled its role perfectly. They say their character and condition exceptional person on and off the field, They made him stand out as an excellent companion and rival.

Is one of the three footballers who were present at the 6 Deportivo de la Coruña titles. He won the club of A Coruña : two Copa del Rey (1995 Y 2002), the second one the famous Centenariazo Real Madrid, where Mauro Silva merendó alone all the media line Galactic Real Madrid, a league (2000) and three Supercopa of Spain (1995,2000 Y 2002). In addition to a runner-up in 1994, lost in the last minute with the famous Djukic penalty.

World champion with Brazil in USA 94

He established himself as one of the best in his position, so it was also a fixture in the Brazilian team with which he participated in the US in World 1994. There, world champion was proclaimed with the selection canarinha, in which he participated in 58 occasions which had debuted in 1991. He also conquered the Copa America 1997 and he was present in the runner-up 1991. He could not attend the World 1998 by an inopportune injury that deprived him of leading the team that lost the final against France.

Mauro Silva won the World Cup in the US in 1994.
Mauro Silva won the World Cup in the US in 1994. PHOTO: Brand

The Brazilian retired from active football at the end of the season 2004/05, after 13 seasons giving the best of himself in the Galician club, the same club today nostalgically remembers better times, in which it could count on players of the level of the best in the world such as Mauro Silva, a gentleman of football, an exceptional athlete.

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