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Josef Bican, just the second top goalscorer

Josef Bican, just the second top goalscorer
Josef Bican, one of the top scorers in history.

“Throughout my career I scored, effectively, five thousand goals. I have understood that Pelé, telling the workouts, One thousand five hundred. That leads me to think that between Pele and no color. And that World War I stole seven good years, when I was at my best. What I would have scored many goals in seven years? For surely a respectable figure”. Who says this is more or less than Josef Bican, the second top scorer in the history of football.

Josef Bican, one of the best players in history perhaps forgotten

For many the great forgotten in the history of football, the only really do not know this Austro-Czech is a sin, a mortal sin for someone who declare confessed the beautiful game. And is that if someone has merits for inclusion on lists Top scorers in history, has been Bican, a player from another era that only the circumstances surrounding him would have deprived of deserved recognition that if we offer from Hanging by the Football.

Josef Bican, Top scorers in history
Josef Bican marked 1420 goals in his career.

born 25 September 1913 in Vienna, “Pepi” Bican was a 9 I had it all. Go quickly to the point 100 meters in just 10.8 seconds, good shot with both legs and a tremendous desire to succeed those that led him to play barefoot in the streets of his native Vienna to be the top scorer in the Czech league.

Czech, because although born in Vienna and played for Rapid to 1935 (his first seven years as a professional) in which he won three Bundesliga titles, his career was mainly in Slavia Prague, club with which he became the top scorer in the Czech league 518 goals in 341 and the parties who signed deeds worthy of science fiction films. Like that of April 1944, in which nine goals became the SK Pilsen in a meeting and then, in the following ten games, He scored seven in each.

World War II cut short his career as a footballer

Confessed having scored more than 5000 goals in his career (They were officially counted 1402 in 530 meetings), had it not been for the World War II their records may have been unbeatable for the rest of us. Especially, because Bican also excelled with the selection, both Austrian as Czechoslovak, two nationalities.

With the Austrian Wunderteam (that team where his coach preferred to play ten before one awkward) he formed a lethal pair with Mathias Sindelar, with whom he signed an extraordinary fourth place in the World 1934 thanks to his goalscoring, which she led him to score 19 goals in as many duels with the national team.

Josef Bican was fourth in the World 1934.
Josef Bican It was fourth in the World 1934.

With the Czechs, He was not so lucky. The military struggle just gave him the opportunity to play big games despite which was still able to score 14 many in 12 meetings marking a milestone in the history of the Czechoslovak national team.

Bican has a statue in his honor in Prague.
Josef Bican It has a statue in his grave Prague
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  1. Bad title because they say he was the 2nd highest scorer in history and never say who was the first, added to the error that according to the IFFHS, Bican is the top scorer and not the 2nd, with 805 many, figure so far (2020) unmatched.

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