Loose Stan Collymore step by Real Oviedo

Loose Stan Collymore step by Real Oviedo
Stan Collymore passing by Real Oviedo was a complete failure. PHOTO: Brand

Stan Collymore played for Real Oviedo, although far from trace, had an unnecessary step. It was one of the classics of Premier League during the decade of the 90's. Controversial and with lots of field issues as many English players of his era, He enjoyed a charisma and talent that made him special.

Forward scorer, He played in the rows of Crystal Palace, Nottingham Forest, Liverpool y Aston Villa among many others, before making a fleeting appearance in the Spanish League. When he joined the ranks of Real Oviedo in 2001.

Stan Collymore, a signing “random” for Real Oviedo

The truth is that of the arrival of Stan Collymore to Oviedo had its crumb and failure, He seemed sung. English, in a clear downhill professional and personal came with many personal problems. He had been accused of mistreatment and admitted to a clinic after having admitted that he had attempted suicide in 1999.

This only happened two years before joining the Real Oviedo. And if that was not enough, On arrival at the Asturian city, He weighed 102 kg. His playing career seemed more than clinched.

Radomir Antic, that technician He became champion Atletico Madrid and then he dropped it at that now distant 2001 he trained to Real Oviedo , he insisted on the signing of Stan Collymore. Balkan technician will carbayón argued the president, if brought tip English, the team would end up playing European competition.

The truth is that the Asturian team was in the middle of January this table 2001 and he ended up descending category at the beginning of his hell, it would take a long journey through Second, Segunda B and even Tercera.

Stan Collymore Real Oviedo
Radomir Antic It was the greatest champion of Stan Collymore at Real Oviedo. PHOTO: Brand

Mass idol, thousands of fans flocked to meet him at the Tartiere. He ended up sticking a stampede

The sad, is that his presentation was attended by some 6000 fans, excited at the arrival of a renowned player, but at that time it was no longer even a slightest shadow of what had been. And that is passing through Oviedo only it lasted five weeks, time that came to fatten four kilos more to reach 106 kilos weight.

According to some companions of the time, consuming sweets and soft drinks full of calories as unique and usual diet. Juice 71 minutes in three league games and one day he disappeared without further, without notifying the club, without speaking to anyone. They saw through the airport with their suitcases and never was seen by Oviedo. It was undoubtedly one of the worst signings in the history of Real Oviedo.

Stan Collymore and his cameo in “Basic Instinct 2”

Collymore's life followed a curious path. She studied drama because I wanted to be the “James Bond negro”, in fact He got out in “Basic Instinct 2”, role as a testimonial Sharon Stone it was carrying less than the duration of a sigh and continued his familiar problem of depressions.

Also He recognized a few years ago he was addicted to “dogging” and street fights where he had already taken a few blows. Definitely, another idol with feet of clay, another one of those starry stars that abound in English football. A football is an authentic collection of players crashed into their personal miseries, especially in the early 80 y 90.

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