El Real Oviedo, a record he wants to return

El Real Oviedo, un histórico que quiere volver

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Real Oviedo is a classic of Spanish football. Fundado en 1926, has been nothing more and nothing less than 38 seasons in First Division. For those who already lived in football 80 y los 90, the Asturian team was a regular in the half-noble part of the maximum Spanish category and even got to play in European competition. But since the beginning of the XXI century the situation of the club seems to have entered a staking. Located in Second B, they came to wander the Third, now they want to return.

He 2001 It was the beginning of a historic debacle like Real Oviedo. They descended to Second and 2003 Second B Third athletically and even in offices. To the twenty-first century, They had never set foot in any of these categories, desde 2003 It is the scenario in which a club moves to a social group First Division. Until 25.000 people came to give appointment in the stands New Tartiere, curiously opened the year the club descended to Second and has enjoyed only one season in Primera, in a promotion of ascent from Third to Second B.

After more than a decade living in the catacombs of elite football, They want to go back and to do so, They are developing the most ambitious sporting project at least this century. With the advent of capital by the Mexican Carlos Slim, one of the richest men in the world and already has several teams in Mexico, Asturians are putting together a staff of very high level for the Second B.

The signing of coach Sergio Egea, an old acquaintance of Spanish men dugouts and veteran Esteban, raised in the house and back last season after being one of the best goalkeepers in the First Division despite his age, joined other former First as Hector Font, Jonathan Vila and Generelo among others, Oviedo will look back at least to Second Division, as an intermediate step before returning to the category of history, should take.

Así recibieron a Estebán en su vuelta a casa.
This is how they received Esteban on his return home.


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