retro football: Real Oviedo electrics

retro football: Real Oviedo electrics

History has left us legendary teams, Globetrotter players and others who have left the skin to defend some colors throughout his career. The latter are the protagonists today. Men who managed to place the Asturian team among the best in Spain before and after the Civil War. From Hanged for football we want to remember a group of players that led to Real Oviedo on wings early in its history.

Real Oviedo was founded in 1926 thanks to the unification of the two teams quintessential Asturian capital during those years; Real Stadium Ovetense Club and Real Club Deportivo Oviedo. The first great goalkeeper, Oscar Alvarez, was the main culprit for the creation of a new club to mediate between the two directives, which they had maintained a brutal rivalry until then.

After several years burning lower categories Real Oviedo debuted in the Primera Division season 33/34 and he made a grand entrance to the grand F.C. Barcelona. Even so, Real Oviedo can boast of signing the best premiere of a team in the top flight of Spanish football in its history. That game ended with an anthological win, one of the largest Mortice by the Catalan club at all times. The match ended with a 7-3 for Asturian.

The brave who wrote their names in the history file were; Oscar Alvarez, Calichi, Sion, honored, Sirius, Chus, Casuco, Gallart, Langara, Emilín and Herrerita. By the way, the latter, It is considered the second most expensive signing of the time, only surpassed by Ricardo Zamora for Real Madrid which cost around 30.000 pesetas.

Herrerita, langara, and gallart-1
Gallart,Langara and Herrerita.

Until the beginning of the Spanish Civil War lived three intense Leagues in which all Langara, He left his stamp scorer. In the three he was crowned top scorer of the competition with 26,27 Y 28 goals leading to Oviedo to third place and semifinals of the Copa del Rey. With the outbreak of war the first electric front and the fabulous future of the team disbanded. Casuco died during the conflict, Langara was forced into exile in Mexico, where he became an idol. There was no coach, the players were scattered and machine guns cold flooded trenches on the lawn of a crumbling stadium because of the bombing.

With the end of war competition resumed in 1940. Unfortunately Asturians could not play the first League, because of all the above problems, but the R.F.E.F. I keep the seat for the next year. Atletico invite the organization to cover ovetense Aviation Square and coincidences of life or not, champions proclaimed.

With the start of the season 40/41 Figure reappears mythical Herrerita, soul of the previous team to war. I sign blank to set an example for many undecided players and even did the work of technical and delegate for many parties. After a couple of seasons the Real Oviedo very complicated maintains the category, strengthen the block and hire as coach Manuel Meana.

Although during the forties no previous successes would be achieved to war, years 45/46 Y 46/47 They are considered the best in club history. Always among the 6 Electric first table and joining the third-called front; Antón, GoYin, Echeverría, Herrerita and Emilín. These name had to add the valuable and important contribution goalscoring fit and Langara, who had returned from exile to retire in Oviedo. During these years he managed to lead the classification for 28 journeys, to complete more than tremendous 4th position the two seasons and back to reach the semi-Cup Generalfsimo.

The third electrical lead.

Of course that's all over, and the late forties begins the decline of the first golden age of this legendary club. The batch of Herrerita, Emilín, Langara and Anton came to an end without relief in sight Oviedo began to spend serious trouble to keep the category. With Langara retired, Emilín transferred to rival (Sporting Gijon), and Herrerita extremely serious injury, Real Oviedo put an end to 13 seasons in the First Division with the death of the only president to date team, Carlos Tartiere.

The 13 usually a damn number, poisoned or jinxed for 99% of civilization, but not for carbayones, what, Football coincidences, and in the nineties lived its second golden age with other 13 seasons in the gold category. That's another topic, another football and other time since Colgados analyze promise soon.

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