Veltins Arena, six-star stadium

Veltins Arena, six-star stadium
The Veltins Arena is one of the most modern stadiums in the world. PHOTO:

Gelsenkirchen It is a nerve center of Germany. The city of “the thousand fires” as well it was named for its prominent coal industry in the early twentieth century is located in the middle of everything. In the middle of North Rhine, their 274.000 people can enjoy having 8 Bochum kilometers, a 11 Essen, 26 Dortmund and 38 Düsseldorf. Incluso, Holanda, Belgium and France are not more than 100 kilometers road.

For in that city, It lies one of the most modern stadiums in the world, he Veltins Arena, the house of Schalke 04. An enclosure 60.000 who has all the luxuries and have gotten. Not only for having a spectacular glass roof that covers its exterior, with a retractable roof and a marker that reminds us of those beautiful pavilions NBA, but also have a device that lets you move the lawn when you want to hide outside or inside.

Veltins Arena
The Veltins Arena is one of the most modern stadiums in the world. PHOTO:

The Veltins Arena, one of the best stadiums in the world

Built in 2001, This stadium hosted the final of the Champions League 2003 that Porto beat Monaco 3-0 and he saw host six matches in the World Cup finals 2006 It is one of the most cherished sports facilities not only in Germany, but from all over the world. It takes all kinds of amenities, because among other things, It is designed by and for the viewer. Has 35 VIP stages, 15 restaurants, more of 30 cafes and a giant beer tube over 5 kilometers that lets you drink throughout the stadium and consume up 52.000 liters of beer per game (something brand Veltins brewery is sponsoring the stadium).

In these pipes is not water or gas, but beer.
In these pipes is not water or gas, but beer. PHOTO: Schalke 04

The versatility and multifunctionality of the stadium allows you not only shelter from the cold winters Germans, but also host indoor events like world championships or motor racing heavyweights. Of course among all sports, football is the predominant.

because in the years of history, the Veltins Arena has seen amazing things. He has seen his team be runner-up in the Bundesliga, UEFA fight to win or even reach the semifinals of the Champions hand of a Spanish that in two years he influenced more than any other foreign, Raúl González.

The stadium 6 stars

considered stadium 4 stars from UEFA, at the time, the then president of FIFA, Blatter, He even said of it that it was an enclosure 6 stars. Quizás, because he knew he had to a chapel where the fans can get married, baptize their children or simply going to pray for your team. From 2001, millions of people have seen inside. It is what has, be one of the best stadiums in the world.

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