The most rare and strange stadiums in the world

The most rare and strange stadiums in the world
The Mmabhato Stadium, possibly the rarest stadium you can find on the planet. PHOTO: Twitter

Which are the strangest stadiums in the world? Maracana, Camp Nou, Santiago Bernabeu, Old Trafford. Everyone the names of these great temples of football sounds. History, huge grandstands, great goals, few things are seen in this type of enclosures. However, away from the shrillness of these fields, there are many other stadiums without much glamor, but no less noteworthy. strange designs, the less curious locations are some of the keys the most rare and strange fields in the world. Come and see:

The weirdest stadiums in the world

1- Marina Bay Stadium in Singapore. What was not done in this city-state it is not done anywhere else on the planet. And it seems that money left over in this part of the world. I have built the stadium is from another galaxy. In the sea, a field that is connected to land by a rising platform and has the peculiarity of having a capacity 30.000 personas, yes sitting on dry land, where it raises its single tier. It was opened in 2007.

Marina Bay is one of the rarest stadiums in the world.
Marina Bay is one of the rarest stadiums in the world.

2- Braga Municipal Stadium. Built for Euro Cup 2004, It is possibly the rarest football field in Europe. Its capacity is apparently normal: 30.000 spectators. Its price also: some 83 millions of euros. The peculiarity is that there are only side stands. On a background there is a panoramic view of the city and another wall rock quarry. Special and beautiful at the same time.

the Municipal stadium of Braga
The Municipal stadium of Braga is gorgeous. PHOTO: O´Bola

3- Igraliate Batarija Croatia.HNK Trogir city usually play their home games at the Coliseum 1.000 personas. Maybe, Most notable is that is inserted between two monuments that are national treasures: San Marco Tower and Kamerlengo Castle. In that framework, perhaps playing football is the least.

the strangest stadiums in the world
The Igraliate Batarija is a field located in Croatia.

4- Kramyra Stadium the Aalesund. He was replaced by the Color Line in the middle of the last decade, but for many years this building became the home of the Norwegian Aalesund and some games of the Norwegian football team. The highlight was to send the ball into the water on a poor clearance. The stands, steps? the mountains surrounding the stadium. And it is that in Norway everything revolves around nature.

The strangest stadiums in the world
The Kramyra Stadium is located in Norway.

5- Alberto Chivo from Toluca. In Mexico there are also rare stadiums. One of them is in Toluca. fit 32.000 souls at the University Alberto Chivo, though perhaps, more surprising is its appearance when it is empty.

the strangest stadiums in the world
Toluca has a stadium for 32.000 quite rare people. PHOTO: Wikipedia

6- Pierluigi Penzo of Venice. Often stadium has the city of canals. between waters, between channels, despite the redundancy old and dilapidated city stadium rises. Date from 1913, capacity revolves around the 13.000 spectators.

The weirdest stadiums in the world
Venezia has a stadium located between channels. PHOTO: Wikipedia

7- Stade Francis John: Union Sportive headquarters Marseille, This exhibition has witnessed the shooting of films like Taxi 4. And it is this peculiar film this stage. If there are none bleachers looking. They are the side farms.

Marseille has a very different stage at the Velodrome.
Marseille has a very different stage at the Velodrome.

Other rare and peculiar stages

Crocodile Arena

the strangest stadiums in the world
The crocodile stadium which is in Turkey PHOTO:

The Salera

weirder stadiums
The Salera, the house of Naxara PHOTO:

Mrs. Dolac

the most original stadiums in the world
PHOTO: Shine

José Ángel Rossi Stadium

Jose Angel Rossi Stadium
The José Ángel Rossi Stadium also known as the Verapaz Stadium, is located in Coban, Guatemala PHOTO:Brand

Mmabatho Stadium

the weirdest stadiums
Mmabatho Stadium in South Africa, possibly one of the rarest in the world. PHOTO: As

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