Qatar's stadiums 2022

Qatar's stadiums 2022
Get to know the World Cup stadiums in Qatar 2022. PHOTO:

¿What are the stadiums in Qatar 2022? In which venue will the matches of this World Cup be played?? He world 2022 the Qatar is presented as the star date of the year. An intercontinental competition that this year will be played in November in a new environment and with less than promising scenarios. Today we talk about all those "battlefields" that will see a National Team become the best XI in the World.

Los 8 qatar stadiums 2022


He stadium AHMAD BIN ALI It was built in December 2020 and is at 22 kilometers from Doha. As a curiosity, the field will double its capacity during the World Cup 2022, reaching the 40.000 spectators. It will be played in the group stage and final phase until the round of 16.


THE AL BAYT STADIUM, with capacity of 60.000 spectators, put his last brick in 2020. It is located at 46 kilometers from Doha and will be the scene of the opening match of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. In addition to the starting gun, it will also host the group stage and the final stage until the semi-finals.


The ESTADIO AL JANOUB, opened in the spring of 2019, is located at 23 kilometers from Doha. In it we can enjoy the group stage and the final phase until the round of 16. Besides, like others, will expand its capacity during the world competition, being able to accommodate 40.000 spectators. However, after the World Cup 2022, the remaining seats will be donated to projects for the development of football abroad.


The construction of the AL THUMAMA STADIUM was completed in the last months of 2021. It is located at 12 kilometers from Doha and its design represents the gahfiya, a traditional knitted cap worn by both men and boys in the Middle East. The field will have a capacity of 40.000 spectators during the World Cup 2022 and will host the group phase and the final phase until the quarterfinals.

Qatari stadiums 2022
Views of the spectacular Al Thumama Stadium. PHOTO:


The one known as the CIUDAD DE LA EDUCACIÓN STADIUM is located 13 kilometers from Doha and completed its construction in June 2020. This was the first World Cup stadium 2022 to receive a certification from the Global Sustainability Assessment System. They will be able to attend 40.000 fans to watch matches from the group stage and final phase up to the quarterfinals.


The KHALIFA INTERNATIONAL STADIUM was built in 1976, but in 2017 underwent a profound remodeling with the aim of hosting the World Cup 2022. The field will have a capacity of 40.000 and it will be the scene of the group stage, final phase up to the quarterfinals and the fight match for third place.

Khalifa International Stadium, one of the scenes of Qatar 2022. PHOTO:


LUSAIL STADIUM is located 20 kilometers from Doha and is the crown jewel of this list. For the world 2022 will have a capacity of 80.000 spectators and in it we can enjoy group stage matches and final phases. will also be the stadium for the Qatar final 2022.


The closest stadium to Doha is RAS ABU ABOUD STADIUM, which is at 7 kilometers from the capital of Qatar. It was completed in 2021 to host the World Cup 2022. It has a capacity of 40.000 spectators and will be the dance floor in the group phase and final phase until the round of 16.

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