Who will televise the World Cup in Qatar 2022?

Who will televise the World Cup in Qatar 2022?
We tell you who will televise the World Cup in Qatar 2022 in Spain. PHOTO: Twitter

¿Who will televise the World Cup in Qatar 2022? o ¿where to watch the World Cup? These are some of the questions that football fans in each country ask themselves..

And it is that there are only a few days left for the inauguration of what will be the most important sporting event of the year: the Qatar World Cup 2022. Y, if you don't want to lose yourself in any of the conversations with your friends these weeks, here we leave you a list of the chains that will broadcast the World Cup event. Don't miss any game!

Where to watch the World Cup in Qatar 2022


As usual, RTVE goes with the red. Public television announced that will televise all the matches of the Spanish National Team in the world cup.

further, This year it will also be possible to follow a match from each group in the group stage live (10), as well as four round of 16 duels, two of the quarterfinals, the two semifinals and, I could not be less, the grand final to find out who will be proclaimed as the best team in the world.


Another one that also has this year Qatar World Cup rights 2022 is Movistar.

the telecommunication company will issue the 64 matches of the World Cup, including, Of course, the matches of the Spanish National Team and the grand final of the 18 from December.

So if your plan is to become another cushion on the sofa and enjoy the World Cup in Qatar in full, Movistar+ is your place.


DAZN, the streaming service that belongs to DAZN Group and is a subsidiary of Access Industries, is undeniably booming. So through your signal you can also enjoy the complete catalog of the World Cup.

In fact, after FIFA awarded Mediapro the rights to broadcast the World Cup in Qatar 2022 in Spain, the audiovisual group created a channel dedicated exclusively to monitoring the World Cup during the 24 hours, which represents a pioneering initiative in our country.


Another platform that will offer the 64 World Cup matches is GOL TV. However, it will not be open and users who wish to access the World Cup matches through this platform, they must pay 19,95 euros.

Of course in addition to the broadcasts, don't forget to check also schedules for the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

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