The best football documentaries you can watch

The best football documentaries you can watch
Maradona in Sinaloa is one of the many good football documentaries that you can see on the platforms. PHOTO: Netflix

El fútbol va más allá de lo que ocurre en el terreno de juego. It's about stories, passions and connections that transcend the boundaries of sport. Los documentaries about football offer a unique perspective, immersing viewers in the emotional depth and grandeur of the game. From historical accounts to intimate explorations of players and teams, Here we present a selection of some of the most interesting.

What football documentaries are worth watching?

“Maradona in Sinaloa”

This documentary captures Pelusa's life as a coach of ‘Los Dorados de Sinaloa‘ of the second division of Mexican soccer. A Maradona in his purest form with ups and downs, controversies, embarrassing moments and glorious moments. What was Diego like?. It was between 2018 y 2019 and achieved two runners-up finishes but did not ascend to the highest Mexican category. Este It is one of the best football documentaries on Netflix and it was filmed and released just a year before Maradona died.

Sunderland ‘Til I Die

Este Netflix documentary shows the reality behind the Sunderland AFC, offering a candid perspective on the emotional highs and lows, the financial struggles and unbridled passion surrounding a club in search of redemption. It is an exciting journey that goes beyond sport, showing the true essence of the connection between the team and its community. “From Sunderland until I die” shows two intense years of one of the most historic teams in English football. If you wonder what to watch on Netflix about football, this documentary is essential.


This documentary portrays the life of the legendary Pelé, showing his extraordinary career, his triumphs in the World Cup and his impact on Brazilian and world football. It is a captivating story that reveals the greatness of one of the best footballers in the history of football.

Take us home: Leeds United

This documentary series offers an exclusive look at the season 2018-2019 and the 19-20 del Leeds United Football Club. Follow the team's history, from the ups and downs on the pitch to the challenges behind the scenes, showing the emotional and competitive journey of a club seeking to return to the Premier League and finally achieving it. With special focus on the work of Marcelo El Loco Bielsa.´

“Zidane: a portrait of the 21st century”

This documentary is a unique visual exploration that follows Zinedine Zidane during a full soccer game. The camera focuses exclusively on him, offering an intimate view of your game, their expressions and their impact on the playing field.

All or Nothing: Manchester City”

“All or nothing: Manchester City” from Amazon Prime, offers an inside look at Manchester City football club over an entire season. From training to locker rooms, fans have the opportunity to learn up close how one of the most successful teams in english football en las primeras 2 decades of the 21st century.

“The class of '92”

In this case, We see the story of six young talents who emerged at Manchester United in the 1990s. 1990. David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, among others, star in this story about their rise to football glory and their impact on the history of Manchester United. We already talked to you about the ‘The promotion of 92‘ in Hanged.

“Boca Juniors Confidential”

This series offers an exclusive look at one of Argentina's biggest teams, the Argentine football club Boca Juniors. We can see how they explore their rich history, to their passionate fans and the challenges they face on and off the field.

“An impossible job”

This documentary follows the life of Graham Taylor while he was the manager of the England national football team during qualification for the Copa del Mundo de USA 1994 for which he did not get a ticket. Offers a look at the pressures and challenges of managing a national team.

Of course there are many more since over the years, los documentales en fútbol have become recurrent.

And you, Which one would you add to the list??

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