Disappeared stadiums in Spain

Disappeared stadiums in Spain
The old Vicente Calderón stadium. One of the great and historic stadiums of Spain, now gone. PHOTO: https://depositphotos.com/es/

There are many stadiums missing in Spain that are part of the history of Spanish football. A stadium is a landmark, home to a team for decades, some even more than a century. Como es normal, the evolution of the times, It causes modernity and progress make the old buildings are disappearing with the passage of time, being in the memory. As there are many and very diverse the stadiums that have disappeared in Spain, from Hanged, we want to remind you of some of them.

The historic stadiums of Spain that no longer exist

1-San Mames (Athletic de Bilbao / Bilbao)

Cathedral of Spanish football, almost world. For your lawn spent the best of the best, because until 2013, He lived every season First Division since the creation of the League, nothing more and nothing less than 84 years. It hosted matches Athletic de Bilbao for a hundred years.

It opened its doors in 1913 and was demolished in 2013. Curiously, The last goal in First Division at the Cathedral was scored by Juanlu, Levante player and the last official goal by Roger, B Levante striker in the last official match held in the ancient Basque Coliseum and facing the subsidiaries of both teams in the playoff for promotion to Second.

2-The Les Corts (FC Barcelona/Barcelona)

It was opened in 1922 and demolished in 1966 although Barca had already changed by the Camp Nou in 1957. It had an initial capacity 30.000 spectators and came to have 45.000. His lawn was passed the first major players of this sport and especially to Giving birth which according to the legends and chronicles, Little he left the stadium with his game and his magic.

missing stadiums in Spain
The Courts, the beginning of the success of Barca.

3-sarriá (Spain / Barcelona)

Sarriá was for many years the home of the Spanish later called Espanyol. Inaugurated in 1923, It was demolished 1997 Orphaned at leaving parakeets for a while it was not until 2009 when they got a new home.

It was the scene of the Cup final of Spain Libre which was won by Levante 1937, title that the RFEF finally recognized as official in March 2023. With capacity 44.000 spectators, It was one of the classic stages of Primera Division. Another mythical missing stadiums in Spain.

4-Metropolitan Stadium (Atletico Madrid / Madrid)

Metropolitan was the first home stadium of Atletico Madrid. Inaugurated in 1923, It was destroyed because of the terrible war lived in Spain between 1936 y 1939.

The civil War, He wreaked havoc in a stadium that rose from the ashes and was remodeled in 1943. Only it would last 23 years as in 1966, the red and white club, he would move house to take the Vicente Calderón and then the brand Wanda Metropolitano.

Beautiful image of Metropolitan Stadium.
Beautiful image of Metropolitan Stadium.

5-Carlos Tartiere Stadium (Real Oviedo / Oviedo)

Carlos Tartiere was a classic of Spanish football during the decades of 80 and the 90. The stadium inaugurated in 1932 and remodeled 1982 for the world, gave way to the new Carlos Tartiere in the year 2000. The old man disappeared in 2003, the year of its demolition.

The old stadium, He lived the best moments of carbayón club because as if it were a curse, the new Tartiere has only lived one season in Primera that ended in relegation and has come to accommodate third parties.

6-Vallejo field (Levante UD / Valencia)

Vallejo was the house until the late Levante 60 granotas when his current feud moved, now known as Ciutat de Valencia. It was opened in 1925 and he ceased trading in 1968. Vallejo experienced the first promotion of the Valencian club to the top category in 1963. A palm tree (with a popular legend in Valencia) presided entry.

Vallejo hosted the games Levante long.
Vallejo hosted the games Levante long.

7-Atocha (Real Sociedad / San Sebastián)

Atocha Stadium was the sanctuary of the Royal Society and one of the most classic stages of the history of the Spanish League. For your lawn, often muddy, It took many of the best players of the time and saw the titles won by the San Sebastian team in the early 80, the best stage of the club to date. Inaugurated in 1913, It was closed in 1993 when Real moved to the new Anoeta. Undoubtedly one of the mythical missing stadiums in Spain.

8-Old Gaunas (Logroñés / Logroño)

Gooool in Gaunas. This cry Mythical Carousel Deportivo, was recorded in the memory of many of those who in the 80 were children. From 1924 until 2001 It was one of the most legendary stadiums in Spain. From that year on, it gave way to the new Las Gaunas stadium..

missing stadiums in Spain
GOOOL in Las Gaunas was a classic of Spanish football. PHOTO:Brand

9-Insular stadium (Las Palmas / Las Palmas)

Until 2003 It was the home of canary club. A pressure cooker where the fans were able to carry on wings to the fruit of the closeness of the stands team turf. the idea of ​​building a more modern stadium with running track and bleachers hundreds of meters of the players had and everything was truncated.

10-Chamartin (Real Madrid / Madrid)

Chamartín Stadium was the first home of Real Madrid. Much more modest than the Santiago Bernabeu, 15.ooo was home to viewers and was barely used during 22 years. It was opened in 1924 and demolished in 1946 year in which the white club moved to where it is now home.

missing stadiums in Spain
So he wore the old Chamartín.

11-Vicente Calderón (Atletico Madrid / Madrid)

He Vicente Calderon Stadium, former home of Atlético de Madrid, It was an iconic sports venue located on the banks of the Manzanares River in Madrid.. Inaugurated in 1966, witnessed countless memorable moments of Spanish football. With capacity for more than 54.000 aficionados, hosted Copa del Rey finals, Spanish League matches and European matches.

this stadium, named in honor of the club's former president, It was characterized by its unique atmosphere and its proximity to the playing field., which made it a burning cauldron for rivals and a sanctuary for red-and-white fans.. In 2017, Atlético de Madrid moved to the new and modern Metropolitano, leaving behind a legacy of emotions and memories that will last in the history of Spanish football.

Disappeared stadiums in Spain
El Vicente Calderón, one of the great stadiums in Spain that has already disappeared. PHOTO: https://depositphotos.com/es/

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