Buenos Aires, City football stadiums

Buenos Aires, City football stadiums
La Bombonera is one of the most representative stadiums in Buenos Aires. PHOTO: https://sp.depositphotos.com/

What are the stadiums of Buenos Aires? In Argentina football live from another perspective, from an unbridled passion and its capital, Buenos Aires, I could not be less. In fact we can say that in the famous city of Argentina 3 millions of inhabitants, It is a football town. We can almost say that it is the city of football stadiums. And the city has up to 17 different stages, 36 between the city and its surroundings 59 in the province, of greater or lesser capacity but belonging to professional teams.

Buenos Aires stadiums

Graphic stadium Buenos Aires kaiser
Buenos Aires stadiums. Photo: @ Kaisermagazine.com by kevin_dom92

The stadiums of Buenos Aires and surroundings

As we said, until 59 football stadiums can be found in Buenos Aires and its outskirts. Sports venues that range between 72.000 of the Antonio Vespucci Liberti, known as the River Monumental and the 3000 viewers of the William Lastra of the CD Riestra.

In the area there are some of the largest stadiums in Argentina. And it has 8 precincts between 72.000 and the 47.000 capacity viewers.

These are : The Monumental de River (72.000), The Bombonera de Boca (54.000), President Peron or ‘Cylinder’ Avellaneda de Racing(51.389), the Jose Amalfitani Stadium of Velez (49.747), Tomas Adolfo Ducó from Hurricane (48.314), Liberators of America from Independent (48.069), el Pedro Bidegain o ‘new Gasometer‘ of San Lorenzo (47.964) and the City of Lanus (47.027).

Then we find other 11 that range between 37.000 and the 20.000 viewers. A special number that undoubtedly makes Buenos Aires and surroundings in the city of soccer. But nevertheless, quantity does not mean quality and except in a few cases in which they have been recently renovated or built, Few of these large stadiums are prepared and conditioned for the times, nor have their infrastructures been modernized..

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